Watch Our Latest Machine Heads Video, Detailing Mecalac’s MCL Wheel Loaders and MCR and MWR Series Excavators

In May, I got the opportunity to operate and explore a dealer lot full of Mecalac offerings with a trip to Global Machinery Specialized Equipment’s Denver location. As you can guess from the name, Global Machinery handles a lot of specialized equipment: FAE dedicated mulchers, Avant Tecno small articulated wheel loaders and big pipelayers equipped with Bron vibratory plows. Even in this backyard full of interesting iron, Mecalac machines drew the complete attention of a group of trade journalists.

It helped that the company had a lot to report. It just introduced a line of MCL Series small articulated loaders to the American market. It’s still pushing dedicated dumpers and seeing traction for that Euro-style machine, and it’s teasing its MCR and MWR hybrid excavators. To help our readership see and understand these machines better, I created this latest Machine Heads video with the help of Patrick Brehmer, Mecalac head of design and product management. Watch it above, and the read more about my trip right over here:

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