Volvo Excavators Summarized — 2021 Spec Guide

Volvo Construction Equipment excavator

Twelve Models Feature Versatility, Reliability and the Latest Tech

Volvo Construction Equipment boasts 75 years of excavator experience, with compact models joining the lineup in 1995. The Volvo Co-Pilot system, an in-cab 10-in. tablet featuring assistive software, was introduced in 2016. The Volvo excavator range has grown in size over the years, encompassing machines from 1.5 to 90 tons. Volvo CE began piloting electric machines in 2016, and in 2021 the electric ECR25 launched in North America.

Excavators account for a large proportion of the overall construction equipment market, making them an important strategic product for Volvo. The company offers 12 models of compact excavators — 11 tracked and one wheeled. The latest addition to the lineup is the fully electric ECR25.

Volvo offers six short tail swing models: the ECR18, ECR25, ECR40, ECR50, ECR58 and ECR88. Five models feature conventional swing radiuses: the EC20, EC27, EC35, EC60 and EW60.

The Volvo ECR25 Electric is fitted with lithium-ion batteries and one electric motor that powers the hydraulics to move the machine and the attachment. The batteries store enough electric energy to power the excavator for common applications, such as utility work.

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For those looking to expand job opportunities, the quiet, emissions-free electric machines open doors to new applications such as work in busy urban areas, indoor demolition, agriculture, tightly regulated food production, work in high-dust environments and more.

Volvo’s X-frame undercarriage on compact excavators is similar to that of its larger excavators. With one of the thickest tracks and HD drive sprockets in the industry, these units ensure long life and provide protection from harsh conditions. Another feature is the automatic kick-down in the drive system that automatically shifts to low range when making a turn or climbing a grade.

Volvo compact excavators have one of the largest cabs in their class, and the machines are packed with features that improve safety and ease of maintenance. Cab and canopy units have ROPS/FOPS/TOPS safety-certified structures. Filters, fills and service points are all easily accessed from ground level. Retractable safety belts and travel alarms are standard on all models. Volvo also can supply a wide range of attachments sized for the machine and application.

Volvo Construction Equipment excavator specs

Advice to Buyers

“Total cost of ownership is significantly reduced by fuel-efficient engines and auto shutdown functions, where the engine shuts down after a preset time that can be adjusted,” says Darren Ashton, product manager, Volvo Construction Equipment. “Telematics is another way for the operator and fleet manager to get the most out of a machine. Telematics identifies potential issues before they cause downtime and provides monthly utilization reports to spot operating trends and areas for improvement.”

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