New Holland Excavators — 2016 Spec Guide

Three B Series Units that Continue to Raise the Bar on Small Jobs

In 1999, New Holland Construction launched its construction equipment brand for the North American market, which included compact excavators. The company was one of the only manufacturers to offer an entire line of zero tail swing compact excavators. In 2011, New Holland Construction added the 5.5-metric-ton E55Bx compact excavator. In 2015, New Holland Construction released its latest B Series compact excavators, which according to New Holland excel at general excavation, site prep, trenching, pipe laying, dozing and backfilling.

Today, the B Series compacts include three models — the E30B, E35B and E55BX. What sets these units apart?

According to New Holland, product features like the company’s INDR (Integrated Noise and Dust Reduction) system are unique and make New Holland excavators quieter than many compact excavators available in the market today.

The INDR system efficiently manages incoming and outgoing air to attain system cooling and maximum particulate filtration while reducing noise emissions by up to 9 dBA.

Not only does this system reduce operating noise and improve air filtration, but it also lowers overall operating costs. Purposefully, the INDR filter is installed in front of the radiator for premium air filtration, noise reduction and easy daily maintenance. Easy to access and clean, the filter can simply be removed and blown with compressed air, and there’s no need for direct cleaning of the radiator.

Fuel saving modes are also up to 23 percent fuel consumption savings. The compact excavators can be operated in three modes: L mode (low idle), S mode (fuel-saving mode) and H mode (high idle). When operating in S mode, it achieves a 23 percent reduction in fuel consumption compared to H mode operation.

Due to its compact size, a mini excavator is often used to work on job sites close to plants and delicate structures that can be damaged by heated exhaust gases. By engaging the +E option, heated exhaust gases from the excavator are discharged downward under the machine instead of beside it. A diffusion muffler is in place so exhaust gas cannot be forcefully released. An optional LCD monitor displays maintenance management functions, lets the operator easily see the fuel gauge and water temperature and alerts the operator as to when engine oil, fuel filter, hydraulic oil filter and hydraulic oil need to be replaced. The operational achievement of the past three months is also displayed on the easy-to-read screen.

Advice to Buyers

“If you work in tight areas and need straight-out digging performance, a zero tail swing mini excavator will fit the bill,” says Jon Hundley, New Holland Construction product marketing specialist. “The E30B and E35B zero tail swing machines excel at general excavation, site prep, trenching, pipelaying, dozing and backfilling, especially when work space is at a premium.”
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