Machine Heads Video: Discussing the Electric 19C-1E Compact Excavator with JCB’s Lee Tice

With their compact size and stationary production cycles, mini excavators have become the perfect candidates for electrification. These small but mighty machines are super popular in the North American market right now and electrification makes them even more versatile — giving operators the ability to work indoors or in noise-sensitive worksites. In this latest edition of our Machine Heads video series, Wayne Grayson sits down with JCB Product Manager Lee Tice to discuss the company’s electric mini excavator, the 19C-1E. (You can watch it above.)

JCB’s 19C-1E


European manufacturer JCB has been producing its 19C-1E battery-powered mini excavator since 2019. The electric variant boasts the same specs at JCB’s diesel-powered 19C — 9-ft, 2-in. max dig depth, 9-ft, 2-in. dump height and 8.5 gpm of auxiliary hydraulic flow for attachments — with the extra perks that electrification offers. For example, the 19C-1E features lower vibrations (which create less fatigue and improves the operator’s experience), as well as instant response from the unit. As soon as the machine starts running, the electric motor provides instant torque and an immediate surge of power, so joystick responses are instantaneous.

Fun Fact: At the end of 2022, JCB celebrated the production of its 1,000th 19C-E electric mini excavator.

The machine’s cab feels pretty much the same as the diesel 19C, except there’s a new light. “There’s a little blue light to indicate that it’s on — because these machines are so quiet you might not realize it,” says Tice. “There will also be an electric display in there, which his going to show you battery life, run time, speed and those type of things.”



When charging JCB’s 19C-1E electric mini excavator, it could take up to 12 hours to recharge from 0% battery life using a 110V onboard charger or eight hours using a 240V onboard charger. Using off-board, three-phase chargers can dramatically increase charge times. For JCB’s 19C-1E, the charging time is cut to two hours with the optional 380V to 420V three-phase external charger. Most homes in North America are wired for 120/240V single-phase power and most commercial and industrial buildings in North America use 277/480V three-phase power.

“All JCB machines will come standard with the charge port for the fast charger on the machine,” explains Tice.

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