LiuGong Mini Excavators — 2014 Spec Guide

LiuGong started to develop excavators in 1992 and kicked off the R&D of mini excavators in 2001. The mini excavator plays an extremely important role in LiuGong’s comprehensive solution in the North American market, notes the company. Understanding market trends, customers and key market players, LiuGong developed its most recent C Series products, which inherited many of the merits of last generation mini excavators. Currently, LiuGong has set up testing grounds to ensure its equipment quality around the world, with tests ranging from exacting heat balance to metal fatigue on machines.

LiuGong has three units in its mini excavator line, the 904, 906 and 908. These units are all built for efficiency through fuel consumption combined with operator comfort and the machine options customers want, says the company. The 904 has 8,818 lbs of operating weight with rubber tracks and a backfill blade standard. The 906 also has rubber tracks, the blade as standard and weighs 13,007 lbs. LiuGong’s 908 has the option of rubber or steel tracks and weighs 17,196 lbs. This unit also has the backfill blade standard.

These machines also have two-way auxiliary hydraulics to the end of the arm and standard pattern changers. The lineup of LiuGong mini excavators utilizes Yanmar engines. These machines are built to work and offer the operators a good environment to be productive on the jobsite.

Built for efficiency, LiuGong compact excavators include: low fuel consumption engines with power; boom anti-drift functions, which stabilize booms for precise operations; minimal kick-back during swing functions for comfort, control and damage prevention; easy control pattern changes from ISO to SAE for maximum productivity; easy engine access and key placement of key maintenance items; air, fuel and pilot filters all checkable from ground level; LCD monitors with diagnostic information for maintenance checks; and so much more. Operator comfort and safety are also a priority with a well-designed cab using ergonomically placed instruments, ROPS cab with standard adjustable suspension seat, sound suppressing and an air conditioned environment, all around visibility and durable and easy-to-clean floor mats.

LiuGong ranks as the 20th largest construction equipment manufacturer in the world. In 2012, LiuGong had US $2 billion in sales revenue, selling more than 42,000 total units. LiuGong has a total of 24 manufacturing facilities worldwide. The company employs more than 12,000 people, including more than 1,000 engineers working in three world-class research and development facilities. The company supports its global product lines with a rapidly growing network of more than 320 dealers across six continents in over 130 countries. The LiuGong dealer network provides over 2,650 sales outlets around the world.

Advice to Buyers
“When considering a mini excavator, look for an excavator built with low fuel consumption engines and equipped with a boom anti-drift function. This will bring precise operation and high productivity,” says Marcus Menough, U.S. sales manager for LiuGong. “When choosing a machine, ensure it is designed for easy monitoring and maintenance to make your daily work go smoothly. You must also dig into components and the hydraulic systems to ensure that there are no sacrifices in machine reliability and toughness. And of course, a safe and comfortable cab should be standard on all units and provide an excellent operator environment.”

LuiGong Mini Excavator Specs