Kobelco Construction Machinery USA Mini Excavators Summarized — 2022 Spec Guide

Kobelco Construction Machinery USA excavator

Eight Minis Designed to Get More Done Efficiently and Safely

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Kobelco has been manufacturing excavators since 1930. Known for exclusive innovations, they developed the first short rear swing excavator to allow for operating in tight spaces, designed a building demolition machine with the longest reach in the world and engineered exclusive features that ensure superior performance and efficiency for the toughest worksite challenges. The Kobelco headquarters for North America in Katy, Texas, currently offers a full range of crawler excavators in the 3,000- to 185,000-lb classes, including mini/compact, short radius, conventional, long reach, high and wide undercarriages, mass excavation, auto recycling and demolition models. Eight of these models fall within the 8-metric-ton range.

Kobelco mini excavators pack full-size performance of their larger machines into a smaller package. Minimal rear swing radius with zero tail overhang allows for handling in confined spaces, while a simple design makes routine maintenance easy to undertake.

The Kobelco mini excavator line is currently comprised of eight models with operating weights between 3,681 and 12,147 lbs. The SK17SR-6E is the smallest and is popular on jobsites where equipment needs to be operated in tight spaces. The SK17SR-6E features hydraulic side frames that retract to a narrow 37 in. for tight areas and extend to a solid 50 in. for stability. The SK17SR-6E boasts a maximum digging reach of 12 ft, 3 in. and a digging force of 3,417 lbs.

Kobelco’s SK25SR-6E, SK30SR-6E and SK35SR-6E deliver a bit more muscle for heavier-duty digging and lifting. These models boast stability and provide a zero tail swing radius for jobs where space is limited. Often used for loading, digging, placing materials and dozing across a wide range of applications, these units feature powerful digging forces and impressive reach at ground level. Excellent side-ditch digging performance allows the operator to concentrate on the work in front of them for greater efficiency.

The larger models in Kobelco’s mini excavator line are the all new SK45SRX-7 and SK55SRX-7 available with a choice of canopy or cab configurations with many new features. These Tier 4 Final excavators pack plenty of power for hydraulic performance. An integrated flow pump system delivers fast and smooth operation while raising the arm and boom, even during heavy loads. And, on the SK55SRX-7 an automatic two-speed travel feature is now 12 percent faster with hill climbing increased by 10 percent. The SK45SRX-7 and SK55SRX-7 also feature Kobelco’s optional four-way blade, which delivers a left- and right-angle movement of 23 to 25 degrees for increased operator control during clearing, grading and backfilling.

Kobelco excavator specs

Advice to Buyers

“Closely consider the different sizes, options and configurations that will best fit your current and future jobsite demands,” suggests Dan Collins, product marketing manager at Kobelco USA. “Machine size and weight are important to consider for ease of transportation. While several manufacturers offer mini excavators, not all of these machines are equal in regards to specifications, technology, quality and support. Dig depth and reach have significant variances in model size ranges. A machine’s horsepower, digging force, lift capacity and hydraulic output are also key in the selection process.”

Mini excavators are making big waves on jobsites all over North America. Click here for the latest news on these machines and the companies that make them.

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