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Six Versatile Models Developed with Comfort and Safety in Mind

Hitachi’s long history of developing compact excavators began in 1965 with the first hydraulic excavator Hitachi ever built. The UH03 was a roughly 6-metric-ton machine — a compact. In 1987, the EX60 was introduced. The EX27, 35U and 50 were introduced in 2000 and the EX17 in 2001. Hitachi compacts have progressively become more efficient, reliable and durable, as well as smoother to operate and easier to maintain. The company released its sixth compact model, the ZX30U-5, in 2018. The new machine provides customers with an alternative to the popular 3- to 4-metric-ton size class of compact excavators.

Hitachi makes a wide variety of excavators ranging from compacts to massive machines used in mines and quarries — each built to the same high standards. The company’s current compact excavator lineup includes the ZX17U-5, ZX26U-5, ZX30U-5, ZX35U-5, ZX50U-5 and ZX60USB-5.

The ZX17U-5, ZX26U-5 and ZX30U-5 are the smallest excavators Hitachi sells in North America. These tiny titans are nimble, powerful and designed to keep their tails close to their tracks allowing operators to put more power into tight work spaces. The company has reduced the size and footprint without sacrificing the Hitachi qualities customers have come to expect — long life, high productivity, multifunctioning, smooth hydraulics and easy maintenance.

The ZX35U-5, ZX50U-5 and ZX60USB-5 deliver efficiency, reliability and durability with numerous customer-driven enhancements, says Hitachi. Their nimble yet durable design makes them easy for operators to squeeze in and out of small spaces. This makes the machines particularly well suited for rental, commercial/residential building, landscaping, underground and site development segments.

All of Hitachi’s compact excavators now have a canopy option available. This provides a cost-effective alternative to the cab and helps customers control their total cost of ownership.

Hitachi also recently extended its standard full-machine warranty on all six compact excavators to two years/2,000 hours. The standard warranty now promises that Hitachi will fix any defects in materials or workmanship for two years after delivery or 2,000 hours — whichever comes first. The previous standard warranty was for one year.

In the Hitachi line of compact excavators, a heavy-duty X-frame provides a solid, stable platform that resists material and dirt buildup. The machines’ rubber tracks can traverse virtually any terrain, including paved surfaces. Hitachi says each of its compact excavators are developed with operator comfort and safety in mind. Wide entry ways make entrances and exits easier than ever while a noise-reducing muffler and isochronous high-idle speed help keep things noticeably quiet.

Hitachi compact excavators are designed for versatility. Each excavator is equipped with a wedge-style coupler, which enables quick changes and a wide variety of buckets and attachments, such as breakers and augers.

Advice to Buyers

“Look for the compact machine that offers the best efficiency, reliability and durability,” says Jonathan Spendlove, product marketing manager, excavators for Hitachi Construction Machinery – Americas. “Look for engines and hydraulics that will give you the best cycle times. Understand how often it typically requires maintenance and, when it does need maintenance, how easy that maintenance is to perform.”

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