Case Excavators — 2015 Spec Guide

Four Models Ranging From the Mini B Series to the Mid-Sized C Series

Case Construction Equipment’s Tier 4 Final smaller excavators include three Case B Series models and one C Series mid-sized excavator.

The three Case mini excavators have an independent, center-swing boom that allows operators to dig around and alongside obstacles, hydraulics and breakout forces ranging from 6,227 to 11,128 lbs and digging depths up to nearly 13 ft. These machines offer a true, zero-radius tail swing design that keeps the sides and back of the machine within the width of the tracks when rotating — even with the door open. Operators are able to dig and dump 180 degrees, right against obstacles, without a problem and with less risk of damaging the machine or worksite.

The three Tier 4 Final B Series models (the CX31B, CX36B and CX55B) have a hydraulically-controlled backfill blade for stability and light dozing work. An integrated-flow pump system helps improve fuel efficiency and maximize strength by directing hydraulic power to where it’s needed. With dozing, flow is focused on the tracks and blade. When swinging or raising the arm, pump power is diverted to the boom. During digging, all flow is pumped to the bucket and arm. The CX31B and CX36B are also built with a three-post ROPS, which creates a wide-open entry allowing for easy access and better visibility.

The CX31B and CX36B feature 23-hp engines with maximum digging depths of 9 ft, 3 in. and 10 ft, respectively. The 7,672-lb CX31B offers a bucket breakout force of 6,227 lbs, while the 8,554-lb CX36B also features a breakout force of 6,227 lbs. The CX55B provides a 37-hp engine and an operating weight of 11,312 lbs, and offers greater reach, 11,128 lbs of bucket digging force and a digging depth of 12 ft, 10 in.

Case’s CX75C SR weighs 16,200 lbs, operates at 55 hp, provides a digging force of 12,800 lbs and can reach a digging depth of 12 ft, 6 in. The mid-sized excavator offers a Tier 4 Final engine solution featuring a diesel oxidation catalyst-only cooled exhaust gas recirculation system. Key advancements over previous Case designs include a 5 percent improvement in fuel efficiency, a 7 percent faster cycle time, 20 percent larger fuel tank for extended runtimes and a 7 percent wider cab for increased productivity. The new models also
offer 9 percent more hydraulic power than previous models for greater
digging power and responsiveness.

Advice to Buyers

“It’s all about access,” says Katie Pullen, brand marketing manager, Case Construction Equipment. “Mini excavators are most practical in tight spaces. Know the size restrictions of where you work along with your application, and pick your model based on that. Width and dig depth may be your most important specs to consider.”


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