New Kohler Closed-Loop EFI Engine Accepts All Ethanol Fuel Blends

While the buzz around biofuels has lulled over the last two years, Kohler Engines has been quietly innovating its next generation of small engines to run on green energies. The company announced its closed-loop electronic fuel injection (EFI) engine now has the flexibility to use all ethanol fuel blends, from E0 to E85.

The new Kohler Command PRO EFI FlexFuel E85 engine offers end-users an unmatched array of fueling options, which could translate to significant savings at the pump. But, the savings don’t end there because Kohler’s exclusive closed-loop EFI technology also provides unequaled performance in the field while delivering the lowest overall operating cost to green industry professionals.

“In the simplest terms, our new EFI FlexFuel E85 engine utilizes lower cost fuels more efficiently than any other engine on the market,” said Mark Johansen for Kohler Engines. “The efficiency gains can be attributed primarily to our unique closed-loop EFI technology, which constantly monitors the air/fuel mixture in the engine’s muffler and automatically makes necessary adjustments to the amount of fuel injected into the system.”

In the new Kohler Command Pro EFI FlexFuel E85 engine, the company’s closed-loop technology automatically senses the ethanol mix in the engine — even if that includes many different grades — and optimizes performance accordingly. So, the end user has fewer worries about fuel type, fuel quality or ethanol content. The EFI FlexFuel E85 engine is designed to intuitively make performance enhancements, regardless of operating conditions.