Innovative Iron Awards 2016: Engines from Perkins, Kubota and Cummins

 The Coolest and Most Creative Compact Equipment of 2016

The bad news: Future growth in construction and landscaping will require increased skills and productivity to stay competitive. The good news: Manufacturers from Cat to Yanmar are creating cutting-edge equipment to help machine owners reach that ever-increasing goal for more efficiency. With a serious shortage of skilled workers, contractors are specifically searching for the most innovative machinery (the toughest skid steers, most productive excavators, safest wheel loaders, most versatile tractors) to help offset workforce woes and increase production and performance. Well, search no more. To expedite the process, we just went ahead and gathered together that list for you, highlighting the most inventive off-highway equipment, diesel engines, hand tools and OEM services and systems released to the market in 2016. We were challenged with picking the best of the best, but that just makes the honor of inclusion that much more impressive.

perkinssyncro-3Don’t Sacrifice Size for Power

The new Perkins Syncro family of compact, four-cylinder, 2.8- and 3.6-liter diesel engines deliver power (45 to 100 kW, 60 to 134 hp) in the right size, meeting multiple global emissions standards (including EPA Tier 4 Final). The 2.8-liter turbo aftercooled engine variant delivers a maximum of 55 kW (74 hp) with torque of up to 325 Nm. High power torque and fast response are key enablers for engine downsizing and can help OEMs deliver machines that are easy to operate. With up to an 8 percent improvement in fuel economy, the 3.6-liter engine offers power up to 100 kW (134 hp), with up to 500 Nm of torque. As many machines in this power band enter the rental sector, the 2.8- and 3.6-liter engines are both compact and reliable.

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kubota-wg3800_hr2Need a Spark?

The most recent model of Kubota’s Spark Ignited line, the WG3800, was unveiled in February 2016 at The Rental Show in Atlanta. The WG3800 completes the WG Series, now 0.74 to 3.8 liter with five models, the WG752, WG972, WG1605, WG2503 and WG3800. With the addition of the WG3800, Kubota now offers the world’s first full range of complementary compression ignited/spark ignited engines below 100 hp. Kubota’s spark ignited line is mirrored after and delivers the same performance as the company’s reliable, compression ignited diesel engines. The 0.74- to 3.8-liter WG Series offers outputs ranging from 23.5 to 93.9 hp. While most gaseous competitors are automotive based, these industrial-based gaseous engines have power and torque similar to diesel.

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b4EGR Free

In April 2016, Cummins announced its next generation of engines, ranging from 3.8 to 9 liters and delivering a global engine platform capable of meeting Stage V near zero emissions levels via a single module aftertreatment system while also boosting power and torque without increasing displacement and reducing total cost of ownership with simpler architecture and extended maintenance intervals. The key product improvements designed for Stage V, and certified to Tier 4 Final standards as well, will be offered to OEMs in North America beginning in 2019 (we just couldn’t wait to include them till then). Ideal for compact construction equipment below 200 hp, Cummins offers its four-cylinder B3.8 and B4.5 engines. These newly designed models are EGR-free, which is a big deal, offering power and torque improvements of 10 percent or more across the entire rpm range, allowing customers to utilize their full power potential.

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