Hipower Systems Becomes First Generator Manufacturer to Use Waukesha Natural Gas Engines

Hipower Systems, a manufacturer of power generation and power distribution equipment in the U.S. and Canada, recently announced it has developed two new generators designed specifically to take advantage of GE Distributed Power’s Waukesha natural gas engines, which will be available with EPA certification. The engines will debut in the Hipower Systems 313Kw HRNG-400 and 410Kw HRNG-510 natural gas generators.

“We are very excited to be working with Hipower Systems — one of the world’s largest genset manufacturers,” said Bill Balough, Business Development Executive for Waukesha Pearce Industries, the exclusive Waukesha distributor in the U.S. “Although the first applications for this engine and these generators will be in the oil and gas industry, we see this as a global opportunity.”

For the HRNG-400, Hipower Systems is using the 400 BHP, 1800 RPM Waukesha F18SE-EPA engine. The HRNG-510 will be driven by the 530 BHP, 1800 RPM Waukesha H24SE-EPA. Both will be fully certified by the EPA for use in portable and stationary generator sets and other mobile equipment.

According to Balough, both engines can adapt to run fuel ranging from pipeline-quality gas to propane with minimal derate (reduction in power rating). They can also run off most well-head gases without the need for extensive fuel conditioning or filtering. As a result, these engines and the HIPOWER SYSTEMS gensets that use them will be optimally suited for use in oil and gas (O&G) applications; particularly those that may involve well-head gas, such as gas compression operations.

“For decades, byproduct gas has been a challenge for oil and gas operators because the fuel required significant pre-treatment before it could be burned in the average generator,” said Hipower Systems President Rafael Acosta. “Debuting a generator with an EPA-certified engine that has variable fuel capabilities greatly expands the options for burning wellhead gas—and extends the flexibility of the generators that use them. We are very excited about the possibilities these new engines and generators represent.”

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