Electric: Powr2 Announces Technology that Allows Running Multiple Batteries at the Same Time in Parallel

Powr2 is preparing to unveil a new energy storage technology, the Powrbank, that will allow users to run multiple batteries in parallel. Traditionally, batteries could be cascaded to increase storage capacity, but the new technology from Powr2 will allow batteries to be run in parallel, thereby increasing storage and power output. Powrbank energy storage is used on construction sites to power equipment, along with many other things like lights, security systems and HVAC. The new paralleling technology will allow users to run multiple Powrbanks together for an increase in power output. This is especially useful when construction equipment has a significant power demand on motor startup.

Powr2’s paralleling device is unlike any technology currently on the market in this space. The compact, maneuverable product can string together multiple Powrbanks to achieve an increase in storage capacity without investing in a larger Powrbank model. This new product will help rental companies, general contractors, and all current Powrbank users to increase fleet flexibility and usability and kVA without investing in a larger Powrbank model.

“This product release comes on the heels of Powr2 launching the Powrbank Max, our largest energy storage solution,” says Tim Doling, Powr2’s Director of Innovation. “Now, paralleling technology will even further diversify the Powrbank line and set Powr2 apart from other solutions providers in the industrial energy storage space.”

Powr2 is a U.S. manufacturer of portable power solutions to help businesses run their operations on clean energy and meet their energy efficiency and sustainability goals. The technology to run batteries in parallel will be available from Powr2 in May 2023. For additional information, please contact our team: https://powr2.com/contact/