6 Random Insights About Mini Excavators

Our newest print issue of Compact Equipment is out in offices and equipment cabs already. It’s a beaut, so enjoy. But before you click that link, please prepare yourself mentally for a lot of information on compact excavators. That issue is an 84-page magazine filled with a metric ton of features on mini diggers, and the 5,000-word story starting on page 26 is maybe the most comprehensive overview ever written on the category. That’s an unhealthy amount of info to just jump into, so let’s warm up your brain with some random quick tips from industry experts.

Bobcat E35 excavator

Renting a compact excavator allows the contractor to see how a specific machine performs on their jobsite before committing to the purchasing expense. They may rent various sizes of machines and rent attachments for specific applications to evaluate their performance. — Mike Fitzgerald, marketing manager, Bobcat

Volvo CE’s ECR58

The right time to purchase a compact excavator depends on your location, but I would suggest that with the current demand and long lead times, you give yourself extra time to have attachments installed and make any modifications for your applications. — Darren Ashton, product manager, compact equipment, Volvo Construction Equipment

John Deere brush cutter

Whether a contractor is looking to rent or buy, customer support is the top consideration. For purchasers that means dealer support for parts and service when you need it, period. Contractors should take pride in the level of support their dealers provide. — Justin Steger, solutions marketing manager, site development and underground, John Deere

The 3- to 4-metric-ton class machines are popular for both sales and rentals, as they fit well into the suburban neighborhood spaces, utility work, rental market and general light construction field. Electrification, smart attachments and automation are also making waves. — Bill Holton, product manager, construction equipment, Kubota

One opportunity for growth of mini excavator sales in 2023 will be in infrastructure projects following the passage of the infrastructure bill in 2021. The versatility of mini excavators will make them a popular choice for contractors working on road and bridge projects. — Thomas Lee, director of product management, Develon

Caterpillar excavator

Customers continue to be surprised that micro excavators have impressive lifting and digging capabilities. These small units are becoming increasingly popular because of their accessibility due to their smaller size and big capabilities. — Greg Worley, global market professional for 1- to 10-ton excavators, Caterpillar

After a few of those short mental pushups, I think you’ll be ready to tackle the weight of this print issue. Good luck! Also, this is a friendly reminder to sign up for our print edition right over here.

Keith Gribbins is publisher of Compact Equipment.