Doosan Portable Power Introduces Dual Flow Air Compressor with 210 cfm High-Pressure Mode


Doosan Portable Power has introduced the P250/HP210 Tier 4 Final portable air compressor. The “two-in-one” model delivers the pressure and flow typically supplied by two units in a single air compressor. The P250/HP210 is the only air compressor on the market to offer 210 cfm high-pressure mode.

The P250/HP210, which replaces the P250/HP185 in the Doosan air compressor lineup, offers dual compression modes. The P250/HP210 delivers 250 cfm of air at 100 psi in low-pressure mode and 210 cfm of air at 150 psi in high-pressure mode.

“With the P250/HP210, Doosan is responding to market demand for air compressors that can deliver increased airflow,” said Jeremy Bailey, Doosan Portable Power air products manager. “It provides the flexibility to perform a variety of applications with one machine. Customers who need an air compressor for sandblasting, construction or pneumatic tool operation will seek out the increased airflow that the P250/HP210 can provide.”

For reduced downtime, the P250/HP210 runs eight hours at 100 percent load on low-pressure mode and nine hours at 100 percent load on high-pressure mode. The extended runtime is achieved with a 34.5-gallon fuel tank. Despite the larger fuel tank, the P250/HP210 is the same compact size as its predecessor model, the P250/HP185, and its working weight is 8 percent lighter.

The P250/HP210 cold starts in temperatures as low as -10º Fahrenheit, which is 20º colder than other air compressor brands. Due to its advanced cooling system, its limiting ambient temperature (LAT) is 120º Fahrenheit on low-pressure mode and 118º Fahrenheit on high-pressure mode — making the machine one of the most reliable air compressors in the industry.

To simplify maintenance, the P250/HP210 has new, convenient curbside discharge valves and cooler clean-out ports, with best-in-class cooler access. All its filters are readily accessible and clearly marked, and diagnostic connections are also easier to reach.

The performance of the P250/HP210 is backed by multiple warranties, including a 1-year/2,000-hour bumper-to-bumper warranty; a 2-year/4,000-hour airend warranty; and a 5-year, 10,000-hour Doosan extended warranty contingent on the use of genuine Doosan fluids and filters and service at prescribed intervals.

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