Chicago Pneumatic Unveils CPS 185 Air Compressor, Designed and Assembled in Rock Hill, S.C.

Chicago Pneumatic and Power Technique North America is going back to its roots with an air compressor designed for the toughest applications. Engineered and built in Rock Hill, S.C., the CPS 185-100 is a durable, and reliable portable compressor that is powerful enough for any jobsite. The move to production in Rock Hill was driven by customers specifications. By manufacturing products in the United States, there’s added control over the product, and this brings additional value to our customers.

“The move towards production in Rock Hill means our customers receive a US assembled product with better availability,” said Eric Massinon, Business Development Manager for Chicago Pneumatic. “With more features offered as standard, and more flexibility to add options for customer’s specific needs.”

Powered with a liquid-cooled, three-cylinder Kohler diesel engine, the CPS 185-100 is built to power two 90lb breakers, or other additional tools, and ranges up to 125 psi. The standard package includes an Xc1004 controller — an easy-to-use controller that enhances visibility of operating parameters.

Air pressure, fuel level, and running hours are all displayed on screen, as well as additional measurements — like RPM, engine temperatures, oil pressure, and voltage — for easy diagnosis and troubleshooting. The Xc1004 intuitive controller is easy to operate and can effectively display compressor and engine measurements, warnings, alarms, and operational settings, routine service requirements plus more, all conveniently at your fingertips.

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The CPS 185 features the Redrock polyethylene canopy that comes standard and provides superior corrosion and UV protection against fading and discoloration — offering more durability for the most challenging conditions. The undercarriage frame offers 110% spillage free containment that protects against spills or leaks and avoids costly clean-up and damage to the environment.

“Everything that we do starts and ends with you, our customer,” said Marius Cristescu, Product Marketing Manager — Air at Chicago Pneumatic. “Before we start doing the design, we listened to our USA customers and designed and built a simple, easy to use state of the art compressor that gets the job done right in any though applications.”  

Built better for tough environments, the CPS 185 is a reliable choice for operating pneumatic handheld tools for demolition, construction, or on-site maintenance. Engineered for higher performance, the CPS 185 can also be used for applications like abrasive blasting, concrete blasting, or stain removals.

“With the new Kohler engine, you can take control of almost all service and troubleshooting activities on both engine and compressor side. So, you’ll never have to wait on someone else’s technician to come and service your machine, including warranty claims,” said Cristescu.

Customers can expect lower capital investment and lower cost of ownership through high energy efficiency, low service cost and higher resell value, with unmatchable compactness and best mobility through an integrated toolbox that can fit a 90lb breaker.

Chicago Pneumatic will be unveiling the CPS 185 at the ARA Show in Orlando in February 2023.

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