Doosan Portable Power to Exhibit New Light Compaction Line at World of Concrete Next Week (We’ll Be There)

Doosan Portable Power will showcase a new light compaction line in exhibit W1119 at World of Concrete 2022, January 18 to 20 in Las Vegas, Nevada. Four new light compaction machines will be on display: a forward plate compactor, a reversible plate compactor, trench roller and an upright rammer. The trench roller is a new product addition the Doosan Portable Power line-up, while the other three machines are significant product updates.

“This is the biggest update for Doosan Portable Power light compaction products since Doosan acquired the line in 2007,” said Joe Tomlin, light compaction product specialist for Doosan. “The addition of a trench roller to our line-up has our dealers excited because it’s something our customers have been asking for.”

Each machine in the lineup is redesigned and powered by the latest Honda or Yanmar engines. Extra attention was paid to making service points easy for operators to access without tools while also adding guarding in vulnerable places to maximize durability. New machine options increase ease-of-use and maintenance, including available transport wheels for all models, hour meters to track service intervals and water sprinklers.

Doosan DTR3275 Trench Roller

The new Doosan DTR3275 trench roller enables more efficient, safer trench compaction. The roller is operated from a wireless remote that is solar-powered, so crews do not need to enter the trench or worry about charging a remote.

The Doosan DT3275 is one of few trench rollers on the market the articulates left to right while also oscillating up and down. This wide range of movement increases roller ground contact to complete the job in fewer passes. The central articulation joint is maintenance-free for increased up-time.

Doosan DTR3275 Trench Roller Quick Specs

  • Machine Weight: 3,197 lbs.
  • Drum Diameter: 20.7 in
  • Drum Width: 33.5 in
  • Centrifugal Force Settings: 8,093 lbs. (36kN)/16,860 lbs. (75 kN)
  • Engine: Yanmar 3TNV80F

Doosan DRX70 Upright Rammer

The Doosan DRX70 upright rammer has an optional air pre-filter system that lowers pressure on the air filter and extends air filter life five times to reduce cost of machine ownership. To further extend up-time, all major service points can be accessed without tools.

The rammer’s offset shoe design makes it easier for operators to place the shoe against walls, and the machine is available with six shoe widths. Operators can adjust the handle to three positions for more comfortable, ergonomic operation for operators of all heights.

Doosan DRX70 Upright Rammer Quick Specs

  • Machine Weight: 150 lbs.
  • Standard Foot Size: 13.4 in x 11 in.
  • Centrifugal Force: 2,923 lbs. (13 kN)
  • Engine: Honda GXR 120

Doosan DRP3220 Reversible Plate Compactor

The industry-leading hand-arm vibration reduction of the Doosan RP3220 Reversible Plate Compactor makes it one of the most comfortable machines of its kind to operate. To further increase ease-of-use, the baseplate self-cleans.

Available options include a rubber paving pad that easily attaches without tools. Other options are transport wheels for easier movement around the jobsite, a water sprinkler to prevent fresh asphalt from sticking and an hour meter.

Doosan DRP3220 Reversible Plate Compactor

  • Machine Weight: 439 lbs.
  • Machine Width: 19.7 in.
  • Max Centrifugal Force: 7,194 lbs. (32 kN)
  • Max Vibration Frequency: 90 Hz
  • Engine: Honda GX 270

Doosan DFP1520 Forward Plate Compactor

The DFP1520 Forward Plate Compactor is simple to use and maintain for operators of all experience levels. All service points are accessible without tools. An optional rubber mat for use on pavers is also installed in seconds with no tools. Other options include an hour meter, transport wheels and water sprinkler system.

Doosan DFP1520 Forward Plate Compactor

  • Machine Weight: 185 lbs.
  • Machine Width: 19.7 in.
  • Max Centrifugal Force: 3,372 lbs. (15 kN)
  • Max Vibration Frequency: 100 Hz
  • Engine: Honda GX 120

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