Bomag Has an Improved Radio Remote Control for Its New BMP 8500 Multi-Purpose Compactor

Bomag BMP 8500 multi-purpose compactor field shot

Robust, powerful and reliable, the new generation Bomag BMP 8500 multi-purpose compactor features an improved radio remote control design that allows the controller to be used on every BMP 8500 in the fleet. The remote control’s unique “teach” function quickly and intuitively pairs the unit to the machine to save contractors time and money. Should the controller be misplaced, a new one can be paired to any machine in the fleet quickly and without special knowledge or tools.

With the BMP 8500, there is a secure, 100% connection between the remote-control unit and machine. Multiple trench rollers can be operated simultaneously at the jobsite without the need to coordinate or adjust individual radio frequencies, increasing operational flexibility.

Now, two batteries are standard for the remote control, delivering a continuous combined worktime of up to 40 hours for more operating time. The two-battery solution allows one battery to charge while the other powers the controller, so the BMP 8500 is always ready for work. Battery charge status is displayed on the remote-control unit’s screen, alerting operators when the battery needs to be changed. Integrated into the trench roller’s storage compartment, an optional charger allows the second battery to be topped off during machine operation.

The lightweight remote controller features a new ergonomic design with paddle-style joysticks to simplify compactor travel and multiple indicator lights for intuitive control. Bomag’s radio remote control offers reliable operation, even in direct sunlight.

Modern Design, Reliable Operation

Bomag BMP 8500 multi-purpose compactor field shot

Built for dependable operation in confined applications like trench and pipeline construction, the BMP 8500 is also ideal for landscaping, compacting backfill and foundation work. The BMP 8500’s sleek machine design includes new lines with an updated style. Its redesigned hood offers more space underneath for remote control storage, and the machine’s integrated rollover protective structure improves reliability at the jobsite.

Every component of the new generation BMP 8500 was developed with a focus on low maintenance and dependable operation. A new, single power board for all fuses, protected underneath the hood, improves operating reliability, while the standard fuse tester allows users to quickly detect and replace a bad fuse. Encasing the exciter housing prevents water and dirt infiltration, improving the machine’s longevity. No-grease nipples at the articulation joint reduces maintenance requirements.

The new generation Bomag BMP 8500 trench roller offers a variable working width that can be quickly adjusted from 24 in (600 mm) to 33.5 in (850 mm) in a few simple steps. It is powered by the 19.4-hp (14,5-kW) Kubota D 1005 diesel engine meeting Tier 4F / Stage V emissions standards. The integrated BOMAG Operator Safety System (BOSS) automatically shuts down the machine if it comes too close to the operator for outstanding safety. Keeping the operator updated on compaction progress, Bomag ECONOMIZER allows soft spots in the fill to be easily identified and addressed to avoid unnecessary passes.

Learn more about the BMP 8500 in this brief feature overview video with Lewis Ahola, junior product marketing manager, light equipment for Bomag Americas: New Generation BMP 8500 Features.


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