Bomag BW 138 AD-5 Tandem Roller with Economizer Keeps Operators Aware of Compaction Progress

Bomag BW138AD-5_IMG_3970With its large drum diameter and high compaction forces, the Bomag BW 138 AD-5 tandem vibratory roller is the perfect all-round roller for paving contractors and municipalities. Its 54.3-in (1,380 mm) rolling width makes short work of granular soil and asphalt compaction, efficiently tackling projects ranging from parking lot paving to county road repair to compaction of urban street developments.

When equipped with the intuitive Economizer compaction measurement system, the BW 138 AD-5 alerts operators to compaction progress of the soil or asphalt material, reducing passes and saving time and money. Economizer requires no calibration to reliably deliver real-time compaction progress, and as the degree of compaction increases, the more LED lights on the Economizer light strip illuminate and indicate when optimum compaction is achieved. The system also warns operators of potential over-compaction to prevent aggregate fracturing as well as allows for the identification of “soft” spots in the material.

A 35.4-in (900-mm) drum diameter delivers more drum impact area with the surface than with smaller compactors to reduce rolling resistance, deliver smoother surface finish and improve asphalt mat quality. Dual vibration frequencies of 3,000 and 3,360 vpm (50 and 56 Hz) offer rolling speeds reaching 3.8 mph (6.1 km/h) while maintaining proper impact spacing on asphalt projects. With its 0.020-in (0.50-mm) amplitude and average linear load of 86.6 lb/in (15.4 kg/cm), the BW 138 AD-5 deeply penetrates asphalt and granular soil base materials. Front-only, rear-only or front-and-rear vibration mode operation allows the operator to adjust machine compaction output to jobsite conditions.

The BW 138 AD-5 features maintenance free bearings, which eliminates the need to grease hinge points on a daily or weekly basis to reduce service time and improve machine longevity. The roller’s maintenance free articulation joint boasts bolt-on construction for fast removal and 2-in (51-mm) crab steering for easy compaction against obstructions. Sturdy braided cable bundles improve reliability of the roller’s electrical system.

A pressurized water spray system with 5-step interval timer increases operating time between refills of the roller’s high-capacity, 81.9-gal (310-l) tank. Dual water filtration at the inlet helps to prevent spray nozzle plugging, and the quick-attach nozzle design helps to facilitate servicing and quick replacement. Protected to help prevent wind deflection, the five spray nozzles provide uniform coverage across the drum’s width to prevent material pick-up.

Self-explanatory control panel dials offer intuitive machine control, delivering simple operation for operators with varying levels of experience. The roller’s responsive dual control levers with integrated horn and vibration actuation deliver very precise control of machine movement. The BW 138 AD-5’s spacious operator’s platform delivers ample legroom for larger workers, and its central machine positioning offers excellent visibility to both front and rear drum edges. A vibration-isolated platform design helps to advance operator comfort throughout the workday.

The Bomag BW 138 AD-5 is powered by a 45.1-hp (33.6-kW) water-cooled diesel engine meeting stringent Tier 4 Final emission standards. Its ROPS canopy quickly folds down without using tools, facilitating transport.

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