Massey Ferguson Compact Tractors Summarized — 2017 Spec Guide

Massey Ferguson Tractor

Fourteen Models, Including the Enhanced 1700 and 1700E Series

Massey Ferguson entered the compact tractor market in 1979 with three diesel-powered models in the 16- to 26-hp range. Today, the seventh-generation lineup consists of 14 models up to 60 hp. The GC1700 Series offers four models, including both 22.5- and 25-hp models with and without a factory-installed loader/backhoe combination. Along with the highest displacement engine of any sub-compact tractor on the market, the GC also features a new seat and steering wheel, optimized for operator comfort. Back by popular demand is the Massey Ferguson 1526 compact tractor. This small tractor offers a mid-PTO for more application versatility. Ideal for loader work, mowing and snow blowing, the 24.8-hp 1526 can handle box blade work, tilling, post hole digging and numerous other jobs. And, it also comes with a five-year powertrain warranty.

The 1700E Series economy compact tractors bring operators a blend of power, productivity and value. New in 2015, this series offers three models at 24 hp (MF1726E), 34 hp (MF1734E) and 38.5 hp (MF1739E). The 1700E Series has recently been upgraded with a new and improved seat. Models with gear transmission also now come standard with independent PTO. This feature was already standard on tractors equipped with a hydrostatic transmission. Independent PTO allows the operator to engage the PTO without clutching or stopping the tractor, which is required with live PTO. The loaders are easy to use and service, and they boast a maximum lift height of 95.7 in. with 830 lbs of lift capacity (19.6 in. forward of pivot pin). Rural lifestylers and hobby farmers will delight in the amount of work they can get done for the money with this tractor-loader combo.

The 1700 Series premium compact tractors deliver sophistication, comfort and performance. These tractors feature clean-burning Tier 4-compliant turbocharged diesel engines, with six models ranging from 35 to 59 hp, each featuring standard four-wheel drive and an integrated loader joystick. Each model comes with the option of a cab or open platform and a choice of power-shuttle or hydrostatic transmission. For tractors produced in 2017 and beyond, the 1700 Series hydrostatic transmission is modified to greatly increase torque output. All 1700 Series premium compact tractors also include a 540-rpm independent rear PTO with electro-hydraulic engagement and a wet multi-disc clutch, built to deliver greater durability and smoother engagements. A mid-PTO is available on several models for even greater versatility.

All Massey Ferguson compact tractors come with a five-year factory warranty (two-year or 2,000-hour full-coverage; five-year powertrain coverage).

Advice to Buyers

“Purchasing a compact tractor can be a long and tedious process,” says Rex Edmunds, strategic marketing manager for Massey Ferguson. “Nonetheless, you should always make sure you test drive several tractors before you make your decision. It is amazing how much you can learn from five minutes in the seat that you can’t learn from reading a brochure from front to back.”

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