Updated Geo-Boy Brush Cutter Tractor Has Engine Options and Other Features

Designed for land clearing and vegetation management, the updated Geo-Boy Brush Cutter Tractor from Jarraff Industries is available with two standard Tier 3 engine options, 220 hp and 250 hp. A 260 hp engine option has recently been made available for the wheeled Geo-Boy model at no additional cost.

The updated Geo-Boy also incorporates several new features including a rear back up camera with alarm that provides operators with a clear view and warning of obstacles behind the unit, cab mounted inclinometers for operating the unit on grades or slopes and a door launch sensor prevents the cutter head from engaging if the door is not securely closed and in operating position. In addition, the Geo-Boy has been outfitted with a fire extinguisher compartment that can accommodate two 20-lb ABC rated fire extinguishers.

The Geo-Boy is available in both wheeled and track configurations and can accommodate the latest cutter head technology from a variety of manufacturers. Both models are ROPS and FOPS certified. The unit’s cutter head can reach 11 feet high and clear brush and trees up to 12 inches in diameter.

For more Geo-Boy coverage, click this link. It’s very clickable. Just try.

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