Ramrod Compact Tool Carriers Summarized — 2021 Spec Guide

Ramrod tool carrier

Loads of Models from the Estate and Pro-Series Up to the Large 3300

Ramrod Equipment has been manufacturing and distributing compact tool carriers for over 40 years, introducing its first models in the late 1970s. This means Ramrod was the first North American manufacturer to offer a line of stand-on mini loaders. The large variety of potential uses has guided the line’s steady evolution, leading to a varied range of capable and compact machines.

The smallest Ramrod models are the Estate Series, consisting of the four-wheel drive 500 and the track drive 575T. The key advantage of these machines is their small size, which can be as narrow as 30 in. wide. That allows it to be easy to transport and easy to use in tight spaces, such as landscaping or when working in places like barns where larger machines simply will not fit. Light weight also makes them perfect for applications like roofing where every pound counts. These small units pack a large amount of capability in the least amount of space possible.

The next step up is the Pro-Series, which balances compact size and large capability. The smaller, four-wheel drive 930 and the larger track model 1350 offer gas and diesel engines and are highly adaptable to any situation. The 930 was recently updated to have the option of a Honda engine, to further enhance the power and capability that the machine already had to offer. The larger 1350 features the Ramrod-exclusive rigid track system and can be adapted to rough terrain or equipped with Turftred tracks in order to minimize the impact on lawns when doing landscaping work.

The largest Ramrod model is the 3300, which features a parallel-lift design, capable of lifting 3,300 lbs to a maximum height of 102 in. The increased lift height also makes it ideal for applications such as drilling, as the increased height allows it to go much deeper than other models. Finally, there is the WB1630 TX, a walk-behind model with the option of ride-on capability. These models offer the power of the Ramrod line with the versatility of a walk-behind machine’s compact body. The balance of power to size makes it ideal for a wide range of applications, especially those which require a low machine to reach difficult locations.

No matter which model you pick, the Ramrod line is easy to handle while being incredibly capable. The vast majority of models have self-leveling lift arms to prevent loads from falling back on the operator and eliminating the danger of losing a load, an innovation exclusive to the Ramrod line. A wide range of engines are available, offering a class-leading mix of gas, diesel and propane options. The models make the most out of their small size, controlled by the easy-to-operate single handed steering control system. All Ramrod models are covered by a three-year warranty on the machine frame and arms, a two-year manufacturer’s engine warranty and a one-year warranty on all other components. There is a Ramrod model available for wherever you need, indoors or outdoors, on the roof, underground and everywhere in between.

Over 70 quick-on, quick-off attachments are available for the Ramrod lineup, which means there are an endless number of applications for this diverse lineup of products.

Advice to Buyers

Ramrod tool carrier specs

“When shopping for a mini-skid, make sure you’re considering where you will be using it,” says Devin Wilger, advertising and promotions coordinator with Ramrod. “Some applications make the smallest unit the right choice. Others require a larger unit with more lifting capacity to work. Make sure you consider your worksite and environment to make sure you get the right model for your needs.”

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