Innovative Iron Awards: Wacker Neuson’s SM100 Utility Track Loader (Photo Post!)

Wacker Neuson SM100 track loader

The Top Construction, Landscape and Rental Equipment Launched in 2022

Throughout 2022, the Compact Equipment crew traveled the countryside (tradeshows, product launches, zoom interviews, operation opportunities) to analyze and catalog every model of compact machinery released into the wild. Looking back, the last 12 months saw the introduction of an impressive array of off-highway construction equipment and OEM systems, but a certain set of equipment stood above the rest. We call them the Innovative Iron Award winners, and these particular units are, in our humble opinion, the best compact equipment released in 2022. Here comes a winner right now. See them all right here.

This Utility Track Loaders Is Small, Versatile, Powerful and Fast

Global-focused compact machine maker Wacker Neuson is focused on diversifying its portfolio. It did so with the most interesting stand-on tool carrier entry in 2022. It’s got the specs: The SM100 boasts a 24.7-hp Yanmar diesel, 1,000-lb rated operating capacity (35 percent) and a tipping load of 2,857 lbs. The radial-lift path provides vertical-lift performance with a hinge pin height of 85.7 in. The SM100 is one of the fastest utility track loaders on the market at 5.3 mph. The machine features an overall width of 35.5 in. and is equipped with 9-in. wide tracks. Also very (um) cool: The cooling package is positioned far forward in the machine, so it reduces the amount of hot and dust blown across the operator’s legs.

The SM100 is a natural extension of Wacker Neuson’s skid steer and compact track loader line. The SM100 was designed, engineered and manufactured by Wacker Neuson’s team at its Wisconsin facility. The versatile, stand-on SM100 is the perfect fit for landscaping projects, light site work, grading, auguring, general material handling and much more. Its compact design allows the machine to fit through a standard 3-ft gate, eliminating the need to remove fence panels.

Safety was a big focus for this unit — just look at that large, spring-suspended operator’s platform with an operator presence pedal. The system prevents accidental movement of the lift arm and travel functions when the operator steps off the platform. Because the pedal is directly connected to the park brake system, as soon as the operator steps off the pedal, the brake engages. The pedal is also tied to the auto idle, which will engage within five seconds of stepping off the pedal, saving fuel and reducing jobsite noise.

The step-up-and-go concept makes operating the SM100 easy and comfortable. The simplicity of the ergonomic design includes the fine-tuned and responsive forward angled joysticks that keep the operator’s hands in a neutral position to reduce fatigue.

Maintenance and performance are two other highlights. A critical design element for the Wacker Neuson SM100 is the undercarriage. The durable undercarriage reduces maintenance costs and total cost of ownership. The sealed idlers and triple flanged rollers provide added surface area and engagement to reduce wear and de-tracking. Achieving optimal track tension is quick and painless with an integrated grease cylinder track tensioner.

Versatility is the real driver of this machine. The overall narrow width allows the machine to access urban areas and smaller yards while its light weight (3,300 lbs) makes it easy to transport. The common industry attachment interface expands the use of compatible attachments, expanding the applications. So, whatever you need to do today, Wacker Neuson’s new SM100 has all it takes to get the smaller jobs done. Learn more about this awesome unit right over here. Now enjoy a couple more photos.

Keith Gribbins is publisher of Compact Equipment.

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