Yanmar to Unveil Awesome Animation Project “未ル(Miru)”at Anime Expo 2023

Yanmar, a global innovator in a wide range of industrial and construction equipment, recently announced its participation in Anime Expo 2023 (AX2023) from July 1-4 at the Los Angeles Convention Center. At this prestigious event, Yanmar will present its animation project, “未ル(Miru),” an exciting tale where the main character embarks on an epic adventure in a world where robots coexist, while nature faces a looming threat — basically the world we’ll soon live in. The anime also showcases a robot that originated from an original concept by Yanmar’s own designers.

Yanmar will highlight its presence at AX2023 with a booth located in the entrance area. At the booth, attendees will be captivated by a giant model of the heroic robot — pictured above — providing an immersive experience that brings Miru to life on a grand scale. To further engage with the audience, Yanmar will host a compelling panel discussion led by Chief Branding Officer Akihiro Nagaya.

“With Miru, we aim to inspire viewers and illustrate the profound connection between humans, machines, and nature,” said Nagaya. “Miru is a testament to Yanmar’s commitment to realizing prosperous and exciting lifestyles in harmony with nature.”

As a leading global manufacturer of industrial machinery, Yanmar is undergoing a transformative journey by leveraging technology to become a provider of solutions in various domains, including food production, energy, urban spaces, and excitement. Miru exemplifies Yanmar’s vision and represents the seamless integration of technology and human experiences.

Miru explores the theme of “confrontation and harmony between humans and nature” in the context of a global movement towards a sustainable society. The protagonist will navigate challenges and personal growth, striving to preserve the environment required for our existence, while the presence of robots will be depicted alongside their journey. The anime emphasizes the importance of finding balance between humanity and the natural world, aligning with the global call for sustainable living.

The name 未ル(Miru) is coined by combining the character for “future” (Mi) with the Japanese character “Ru” to indicate positive action and initiative in creating the future. Yanmar looks forward to joining its viewers in supporting the characters as they create their own future as the series unfolds.

Yanmar’s participation in Anime Expo 2023 signifies its commitment to innovation, creative storytelling, and connecting with diverse audiences. The company invites fans, media representatives, and industry professionals to join them at AX2023, experience the enchantment of Miru, and explore the limitless possibilities that Yanmar has to offer.

Outline of Miru

  • Created and produced by: Yanmar Holdings Co., Ltd.
  • Cooperation: btrax Japan LLC
  • Launch date: 2024
  • Synopsis: A story of the main character’s efforts to change the future by joining forces with her friends as she grows up while interacting with robots.
  • Scenario writer: Shigeru Morita (Studio Nue)
  • Miru special website: miru-anime.com
  • Miru Official Twitter account: https://twitter.com/miruanime_info (@miruanime_info)
  • Miru Official Facebook account: https://www.facebook.com/miruanimeinfo/

Project Background

Striving to realize A SUSTAINABLE FUTURE, Yanmar is working towards a society that embraces energy-saving lifestyles where people can work and live with peace of mind while enjoying safe and plentiful food in a life filled with rich and fulfilling experiences.

Once a niche entertainment, anime is now at a point where it is approaching mainstream acceptance. It is now possible to watch Japanese anime in almost any country in the world through video streaming services. The production of this anime is one of our efforts to expand awareness of Yanmar to a global audience. Furthermore, Yanmar aims to enhance understanding of sustainability efforts by incorporating the globally shared goal of achieving a sustainable society into the story of the anime.

Comment from Akihiro Nagaya, Director and Chief Branding Officer of Yanmar Holdings

Anime is a medium that allows the company to combine immersive storytelling and world-building with the future as envisioned by Yanmar. The interactions between humans and machines, the coexistence of humans and nature, and the story of the protagonist challenging themselves and growing by believing in their own potential are all rooted in Yanmar’s values of HANASAKA and the underlying excitement (WAKUWAKU). The fictional world of anime and the real world in which we exist influence each other to create a unified worldview.

Robot Design

Yanmar’s in-house Design Office, which is involved in the design of Yanmar’s agricultural and construction machinery as well as various graphics, was responsible for the original concept of the robot design. The Design Office looks to imagine situations where the products will be used and how they interact with the customers, to create essential designs that truly resonate with users. For this robot design, the team was conscious of incorporating a design with essential meaning, just like the company’s product designs. Based on the belief that robots exist for the sake of humans, the design combines an organic form that embraces people and a strong, functional component. Through the juxtaposition of contrasting elements, the design expresses a unique sense of aesthetics.

Creative team for “Anime Expo 2023” exhibit

Planning: btrax Japan LLC
Creative Director: Kota Hikichi

Robot design original concept
Design: Design Office, Brand Division, Yanmar Holdings Co., Ltd.
Concept Artist: Yuu Iguchi

Key Visuals
Art Director, Illustrator, Character Design: YKBX

Concept Movie
Movie Director: YKBX
Sound Designer: cubesato

Miru is a development of “YANMAR Project Socius” announced by Yanmar on November 1, 2022.
For more information about Yanmar and its participation in AX2023, please visit the website at https://www.miru-anime.com/.


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