Yanmar America Donates to Good Neighbor Homeless Shelter in Georgia

Yanmar America employees have demonstrated their commitment to giving back to the community through a charity hygiene drive for the Good Neighbor Homeless Shelter in Cartersville, Georgia. In a heartfelt display of generosity, employees donated a total of 1,025 essential items most needed by the shelter including shampoo/conditioner, body wash, toilet paper, lotion, and bath towels.

The donated items were presented to the Good Neighbor Homeless Shelter, a local organization that provides much-needed support to those less fortunate. This initiative is part of Yanmar America’s ongoing efforts to support local charities and actively engage with the community.

“We are incredibly proud of our employees’ generosity and commitment to supporting the local community through our charity hygiene drive,” said Jeff Albright, President of Yanmar America. “At Yanmar, we believe in making a positive impact beyond our business operations, and these initiatives reflect our core values of compassion and social responsibility.”

In addition to the hygiene drive, Yanmar America’s staff and interns have also contributed to the Good Neighbor Homeless Shelter by volunteering their time and skills. They recently worked to paint and clean a house, preparing it for a transitional family to move in.

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Through these initiatives, Yanmar America continues to make a positive impact in the local community, fostering a culture of compassion and social responsibility among its employees.

Good Neighbor, established in 1996, provides temporary shelter and comprehensive support to homeless individuals and families. With compassion, they address physical, emotional, and spiritual needs, empowering those in need to regain stability. Dedicated to restoring lives and preserving dignity, Good Neighbor offers essential resources and a sense of belonging to uplift individuals facing homelessness.
Good Neighbor Homeless Shelter: https://goodneighborshelter.org/

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