Compact Equipment spec guide cover

Compact Equipment’s annual spec guide is hitting offices and mailboxes all over America. It’s a 136-page behemoth detailing nearly the entire compact equipment industry. The magazine overall is divided into seven main sections: 1) skid steers; 2) compact track loaders; 3) mini excavators; 4) compact tractors; 5) utility vehicles; 6) compact tool carriers; and 7) compact wheel loaders. Manufacturers are listed in alphabetical order, and each listing has a product summary, photo and list of essential model specifications (everything from bucket breakout force and boom lift orientation to engine power and operating weight). Throughout the month of August, we’ll slowly be releasing each category’s summaries of manufacturers — one by one — starting with compact wheel loaders (the first post goes live at 10:30 a.m. EST today). Once an entire section is released in individual blogs, we’ll also post a summary blog linking them all so you (the reader) can compare.

Keith Gribbins is associate publisher of Compact Equipment. 

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