Welding on Wheels: Get to Know the Doosan Bobcat Mobile Training Lab

In order to meet the growing demand for skilled welding professionals, Doosan Bobcat has developed an industry-leading Mobile Training Lab. The Lab is currently based in Litchfield, Minnesota, and will be traveling throughout Doosan Bobcat’s North America factory locations later in 2021 to bring comprehensive weld training to new and existing employees.


As an economical, consistent and efficient solution, the Lab provides innovative opportunities to cultivate the next generation of skilled labor professionals.


The Lab comes equipped with aclimate-controlled classroom style learning area with welding bays for up to six students at a time. The welding equipment mirrors the same units that Bobcat uses at its production facilities.

Training Leadership

Steve Morlock, manufacturing trainer at Doosan Bobcat, used his deep welding experience to standardize the training curriculum across the company’s production facilities.

“The Training Lab allows us as an organization to be more flexible when planning skills for operational needs,” he says. “We can now provide a better training experience to every employee without distractions from the production floor, along with the flexibility to go directly from a classroom environment to hands-on training in seconds. In addition, being able to pack up and move from location to location as needs arrive is a business-centered and agile approach to training.”

Additional Facts              

  • 160 Doosan Bobcat employees have been trained to date
  • $400,000 total investment in Lab
  • Total Lab size of 620 sq. ft.
  • Novice to advanced training programs provided
  • Full compliance with OSHA guidelines for fume mitigation and HVAC control
  • Work-holding fixtures available