Welcome to the revamped Compact Equipment website

Compact Equipment WebsiteWelcome to a revamped Compact Equipment website. Just like the equipment manufacturers, suppliers and associations we cover, the changes we made were with the mobile, tech-savvy contractor in mind.

The mobile office is nothing new for contractors. It’s that old portable building out back that you move from project to project. Contractors are accustomed to being nomads and working out of their truck or trailered office, which makes high-tech, mobile business software, apps and websites a natural fit for the industry.

We’re definitely seeing a growing interest from both contractors and service providers. A week does not go by without a construction software specialist like Dexter + Chaney launching a cool new mobile app like its Project Plan Room (released in late June) — which distributes construction documents and vital project info in real time to employees through an easy, mobile application. We’ve seen it with the rise of telematics — fleet management systems that include everything from GPS grading operations to geofencing security systems — all becoming the norm for market-leading contractors and fleet managers.

Now, you’re seeing it with our website, which was re-launched in late June as compactequip.com (browsers should redirect from the more cumbersome ceunbound.com) optimized for mobile viewing on smartphones and tablets, but now the site is also broken down by machine category to make finding equipment info easier.

Looking for a feature on skid steer maintenance? Do a simple search, or just click on the “Skid Steer” category page or a “Maintenance” tag and find multiple technical articles aimed at educating equipment professionals. But maybe you’re still interested in getting the monthly Compact Equipment magazine experience, but just not in a hard-copy magazine format. Well, just follow this link download the Compact Equipment app on iTunes. Then explore a unique digital experience, which displays each digital issue with embedded extra content, accompanying videos and engaging electronic treatments.

In the past, there might have been a disconnect between the book work and business of managing contract specifics and the actual administration and construction of a project on site. With the advent of laptops, tablets and smartphones, that information gap for on-the-road construction contractors, landscapers and farmers has shrunk considerably. For high-tech equipment professionals today, something as small as a smartphone or tablet can take the mobile office to new dimensions of efficiency and portability. Everything from equipment maintenance to worker time-sheets to government safety regulations can be managed using innovative and user-friendly software designed specifically for your mobile devices. To keep abreast of these digital solutions continue to read Compact Equipment magazine both online at and in its online electronic app version designed for your iPad.

And if you still love that nice, glossy print version mailed to you each month for free (like I do), follow this link to renew your hard copy subscription to Compact Equipment.

Keith Gribbins,
Managing Editor

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