Trade Social App BoomNation Announces 10,000 Skilled-Worker Applications in First Year

BoomNation reports impressive growth in 2022 and predicts continued success in balancing the supply and demand for skilled workers in the new year. BoomNation is a skilled-community platform connecting tradespeople with employers who are looking for a better way to engage with and hire qualified workers. The platform also equips skilled workers with the tools they need to showcase their skills and credentials and find better work faster.

BoomNation began the year building its jobs database and by the end of 2022, BoomNation reported that almost 10,000 job applications were processed through the app, a one-year increase of more than 8,000%. 2022 also brought tens of thousands of skilled workers to the community – a cumulative year-over-year increase of more than 457% and 350% growth quarter-over-quarter.

“Through the lens of the worker journey, BoomNation is building a platform to connect and engage the skilled community,” said Brent Flavin, Co-Founder and Co-CEO of BoomNation. “With tens of thousands of skilled workers using the platform and hundreds of jobs available each day, BoomNation is quickly becoming the go-to place for workers to build community and find better work faster than ever before.”

Across social channels, BoomNation is described as “LinkedIn for Blue Collar” and the “Blue Collar Twitter,” but according to Flavin, a more accurate description is one recently posed by a skilled worker in BoomNation’s community feed that calls the platform, “The first social media site I’ve actually liked and felt like I belonged.”

BoomNation is also excited to announce it will soon be releasing additional innovations to further improve the worker journey. Look for this new, engaging technology to roll out within the next couple of months.

BoomNation is built exclusively for skilled workers and employers. It serves tradespeople like welders, electricians, operators, pipefitters, and others who work in industries including construction, manufacturing, oil and gas, transportation and warehousing, utilities, and more. The platform allows skilled workers to join the community, network, and promote their skills and craftsmanship while finding and applying for real-time job opportunities.

With thousands of skilled workers and employers already using the app, BoomNation is continuing to utilize its technology to modernize and optimize workforce recruitment and project engagement between job seekers, hiring managers and project managers. Through its recent 2.0 upgrade, skilled workers are getting plugged in with more relatable content, an improved and personalized community, and a new communications system specifically for their community, while employers can fill jobs fast by directly messaging and communicating with a potential hire or current workforce employee in just a few clicks.

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