Terex Utilities Technical Service and Support Department Launches TechTips YouTube Channel

The Terex Utilities Technical Service and Support Department began adding videos this year to accompany content in its library of nearly 200 Tech Tips. At least seven new videos have been added in the first quarter of 2023, with more to come throughout the year.

“Live demonstrations of the task provide additional clarity for technicians that need to follow specific processes when troubleshooting or repairing Terex bucket trucks and digger derricks,” said Kenny Vlasman, Customer Service Manager. “This also gives our highly qualified technicians a chance to share their knowledge in a no-nonsense, practical way,” he added.

All videos will be archived on Terex’s new Tech Tips YouTube channel @techtips2859. Fleet managers and technicians are encouraged to subscribe so they are notified when a new video is added. Videos will also be linked inside the related Tech Tip, found online under the Support tab at Terex Utilities website.

Below is a list of the newest videos available.

  • Tech Tip #38 Adjustable Hydraulic Valves
  • Tech Tip #163 Checking Tension of the Optima Leveling System
  • Tech Tip #165 Cleaning the Fiber Optic Connections
  • Tech Tip #166 Adjusting an Optima Demand Throttle Switch
  • Tech Tip #168 Fiber Optic Bulkhead Termination
  • Tech Tip #183: Aerial Load Charts P/N 456738
  • Tech Tip #190 Custom Optima TC55 Load Chart

These and other technical support documents are available online at the Technical Support tab at www.terex.com/utilities, or users can sign up to receive email notifications at https://www.terex.com/utilities/en/links/preferences. Users can also request the creation of a Tech Tip or video by emailing [email protected].

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