Teach Your Little One that Safety Rules and Don’t Capture the Flag!

Editor’s Note: Since we’re spending time at home with our little ones more than ever, we thought it would be fun to share some kids construction content like crafts, STEM projects, etc. Stay tuned for a sister site dedicated to kids and construction in 2021

Does your child ever point out little flags all over someone’s yard? Teach them that those are important markers to let construction crews know where utility lines are underground. Let them know that lines like those give them the water they drink or the gas that heats their house, so crews don’t want to hit them when they dig.

  • Before anyone digs, they have to call 811 to have the lines located.
  • Someone comes and uses a locator to find the lines and marks them with the little flags.
  • It’s important to not touch or pull out the flags. This keeps everyone safe.
  • Every color flag stands for a different utility like blue=water or orange=Cable TV.

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