State of New York approves Toro equipment for its cooperative purchasing network

The State of New York has approved a contract for Toro equipment through the Cooperative Purchasing Network (TCPN) for use by all state agencies and other authorized users. The contract was approved by the State of New York on April 13, 2015, and the new agreement provides state agencies competitive pricing for the entire portfolio of Toro products, including mowers, irrigation systems, utility vehicles and more.

With this TCPN/Toro contract approval, New York state agencies will have the opportunity to purchase high-quality grounds care equipment efficiently and at a competitive rate. “TCPN is pleased to partner with the State of New York,” says Chris Penny, vice president of TCPN. “State agencies, along with others authorized to access state contracts in New York will be able to leverage their spend on the entire Toro portfolio of products.”

TCPN is one of the fastest-growing cooperative purchasing companies in the nation, and each contract is written to ensure maximum value and security for all parties involved. Additionally, a significant portion of TCPN’s revenue goes to education initiatives.

“The contract with the State of New York is an exciting channel through which we can provide top-quality Toro equipment to New York state agencies,” explains Paula Sliefert, senior marketing manager for The Toro Company. “We want to thank everyone involved in the process and look forward to continuing to deliver outstanding results across the State through our trusted distributor channel and line of turf care equipment.”

The list of entities authorized to participate in the contract includes, but is not limited to, K-12 schools, municipalities, colleges and universities, counties and religious organizations. Authorized users should reference the current copy of the contract award before purchasing from the contract. The New York State contract number is: PC66756.

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