Highfill Award Winner

Ditch Witch, a Charles Machine Works Company, recognized Robbin Womack of Ditch Witch of Houston with the 2017 Lowell Highfill Award—the organization’s most prestigious award for salespeople worldwide. This award is presented annually to the top individual salesperson in the global Ditch Witch organization for his/her superior product knowledge and performance in promoting and marketing Ditch Witch products, jobsite solutions and services.

Robbin began his career with the Ditch Witch of Houston dealership as a service manager in 1977. In his role, Robbin demonstrated a keen aptitude for direct customer interaction, which later expanded his talents into the parts department. After mastering almost every role one can play in a dealership, Robbin shifted into a sales position and found he truly is a salesman at heart.

Robbin is dedicated to building strong customer relationships and makes it a point to solve each customer’s unique challenges. Whether it is changing beacon frequencies, adjusting chain tension or troubleshooting parts for a trencher, he can usually handle the issue in one phone call.

“Robbin is synonymous with Ditch Witch of Houston,” said Darren Craig, Ditch Witch of Houston vice president. “It is hard to think of one without the other. He is to Ditch Witch customers what a Swiss Army knife is to a camper. He is resourceful. He gets the job done. And just when you think you know every way in which he can be a resource, he demonstrates yet another one.”

Ditch Witch of Houston is a family-owned dealership and has been providing underground construction service and support to the greater Houston-area for more than 40 years.

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