Ritchie Bros. Launches New Podcast and Blog to Share Data, News and Industry Trends

Ritchie Bros. has been selling heavy equipment and trucks for more than 60 years, growing and innovating with the industry. Today the company helps customers in a multitude of ways, providing data-based insights, value-added services, and transaction solutions.

With its new Ritchie Hub blog and Inside Edge podcast, Ritchie Bros. has two new valuable tools to help keep you informed about the equipment market, with pricing & volume trends, auction results, inspection tips, and more.

“At Ritchie Bros. we collect, process, and analyze an enormous amount of used equipment & retail data, with more than $150 billion worth of equipment passing through our sites and systems each day. We also have a ton of in-house experts and are excited to share more insights through our blog and podcast,” said Matt Ackley, Chief Marketing Officer. “Each month we will be diving into a different industry or equipment type with our Market Trends Report, and then further exploring that topic with expert interviews in our Inside Edge podcast. Our blog will also update customers regularly on a wide range of topics, including articles on new service offerings, upcoming auctions & results, and more.”

The new Ritchie Bros. blog can be found at Ritchie-Hub.com. The Inside Edge podcast is also available on Ritchie Hub, as well as Spotify & Apple.

Inside Edge Podcast Episodes

Top 5 Ritchie Hub blogs:

  1. Everything You Need to Know About Humvee Vehicles
  2. Inspection Tips – 5 Things to Look for When Buying a Used Truck Tractor
  3. 7 Most Popular Construction Items so far in 2022
  4. Five of the World’s Largest Cranes
  5. Refurbishing 101 – Transform Your Equipment & Your Returns

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