Global Outlook: PRINOTH Expands Dealer Network to Denmark

PRINOTH is increasing its footprint in Europe by adding Wirtgen as a distributor in Denmark. The Wirtgen Group, a John Deere Company, has several branches in most countries and its Danish counterpart has recently signed an agreement with PRINOTH to sell PANTHER Tracked Vehicles. Headquartered in Fredericia in the center of Denmark, their nation-wide network reaches rental companies in several markets such as general construction, power utility and even firefighting.

Wirtgen has been distributing PRINOTH’s line of vegetation management solutions for over 15 years already and has a wide-spread product portfolio. The Wirtgen Group does not produce any tracked dumper line and so, the Wirtgen Group team in Denmark turned to PRINOTH for the distribution of the PANTHER Series vehicles to fill that need for their customers. The Wirtgen Group’s reputation is outstanding and their already strong network will help push the sale of PANTHER vehicles in this Scandinavian country, confirming yet again the PRINOTH advantage.

Perfect Terrain for Off-road Tracked Machines

The landscape in Denmark certainly calls for use of off-road tracked machines. Articulated dumpers have proven their use in this market. However, as the country has a high concentration of both sandy areas and wetlands, and because it is one of the flattest countries in the world at only 30 meters over sea-level. The low ground pressure of the PANTHER crawler carriers present an additional advantage to users if leaving the ground undisturbed is a requisite.

“Ground pressure is the first and foremost reason why tracked dumpers exist. Our PANTHER T14R for example, even when it’s fully loaded with 29,100 lbs of payload, exerts only 7.46 psi thanks to its rubber tracks and its unique high travel undercarriage. The advantage is considerable,” commented Alessandro Ferrari, CEO of PRINOTH Tracked Vehicles.

Increased Maneuverability and Safety

Another clear advantage of the PANTHER Tracked Dumpers for the Danish construction industry is the high level maneuverability. “Regardless of the vehicle used, when a driver comes to the end of the way, he needs to back up and turn around to reload or dump. This takes more space and will likely do damage (create ruts or leave marks behind). Tracked dumpers are the perfect solution to this problem. Some of our models, which will be offered by Wirtgen Denmark, like the PRINOTH PANTHER T7R and T14R are rotating dumpers. This means their upper chassis structure rotates 360° over the lower part of the vehicle. This reduces ground damage, saves time for the operator and increases safety for everyone on the job site with fewer vehicle displacements. At PRINOTH, we believe that contractors working in tight areas will quickly turn to Wirtgen to improve their productivity,” added Alessandro Ferrari.

Wirtgen’s Offer

With the PRINOTH PANTHER Series, especially the T14R model, a new capacity is added to the Danish market, which has not been seen before. With a combination of high load capacity (13T), low ground pressure (524 g/cm²) and the highest driving comfort, the PANTHER T14R model can help complete the project at the agreed time, regardless the weather conditions.

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