NPK Construction Equipment Celebrates 35 Years

Nippon Pneumatic Manufacturing Co. Ltd was established in Japan nearly 100 years ago in 1923. NPK made its start manufacturing air tools then expanded into the productions of chemical processing equipment in 1945. In 1957, the construction equipment division was created and NPK Japan developed the first boom mounted pneumatic hammer in the world.  Fifteen years later in 1972, NPK designed and built the first boom mounted hydraulic hammer: the foundation for today’s extensive and widely popular line of NPK hydraulic hammers. 

The NPK brand continued to gain popularity and demand continued to grow across the world. Over the course of many years dealers were signed on in every corner of the world, and sales and manufacturing locations opened across Europe, Asia, North America and the Middle East.  

In 1985, NPK Construction Equipment (NPKCE) opened in the United States, and an additional manufacturing plant was built in Nabari, Japan which has been renovated several times since as the company continues to grow. 

The “NPK” trademark has become a symbol for quality products worldwide and a fundamental dedication to product support allows NPK to maintain a high level of customer satisfaction across the globe. NPK facilities around the world are filled with employees that strive to exceed customer expectations every day.

NPK is a global first-class attachment manufacturer with over 800 employees worldwide; 250 of which are in North America. The dealer network in North and South America consists of over 525 locations to serve NPKCE and Genesis customers.

All top brackets, hammer brackets, plate compactors, sheet pile drivers, pedestal boom systems, hardcar unloaders and material handling systems are designed, manufactured and assembled at NPKCE in Walton Hills, Ohio.

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