Morbark Offers iQ-View Auto-Feed Controller for Brush Chippers

Operator-Friendly Controller Now Available on Select Brush Chipper Models

Morbark LLC, a leading manufacturer of forestry, biomass, tree care, sawmill, and wood recycling equipment, is now offering the iQ-View Smart Controller on its 3.0L gas engines for the Beever M12R, M12D and M12RX models. The iQ-View, produced by Industrial Electronic Controls (IEC), is a smart display and controller that presents engine and machine parameters to the operator as well as controls the chipper’s auto-feed function. As a display unit, the user can select four parameters to display simultaneously. A second screen can be set to display four additional parameters. Either screen can easily be selected for viewing.

With the simple push of a button, the chipper operator can select one of three preset speed settings — for brush, wood or factory setting — plus a custom setting, to maximize machine throughput and productivity, eliminating cumbersome and complicated speed changes. No computer is required for field configuration.

“We saw the need for operators to have an easier way to adjust the feed for the different types of material they’re chipping,” said Casey Gross, Morbark Director of Tree Care Product Sales. “The settings are designed to optimize chipper efficiency, improve output and reduce downtime.”

Simple yet extensive on-screen diagnostics allow the user to quickly troubleshoot system issues, minimizing downtime and maximizing productivity on the jobsite. This will also reduce the need and expense for field tech support. The unit also features J1939 CANBUS messaging to alert the user of potential system issues like engine overheating, high oil pressure, low battery voltage and other critical operating issues that can affect uptime, performance and equipment life.

“We are very excited to launch this new product enhancement with Morbark. They are really in touch with the user experience, and they understand their customers’ needs and challenges,” said IEC CEO Joe Benjamin. “Engineering in our iQ-View Smart Controller gives them a significant market advantage.”

IEC-iQ-View 2

Additional input/output provides the ability to easily add future functionality to the chipper without adding additional devices. This allows for greater flexibility in incorporating future capabilities and the ability to quickly meet new market demands.

While the iQ-View Smart Controller is initially being offered on the 3.0L gas engines for the Beever M12R, M12D and M12RX, Morbark expects to expand the use of these units to other gas-powered chippers and then to its diesel-powered chippers.

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