Morbark ChipSafe Users to Receive Special Consideration from ArborMAX Insurance

Chipsafe-Sensors 2 Morbark

ArborMAX Insurance now provides special consideration for tree care companies that are operating brush chippers equipped with Morbark’s ChipSafe Operator Safety Shield. The consideration is applicable to general liability and worker’s compensation coverages.

“We recognize that the ChipSafe Operator Safety Device from Morbark offers operators an additional layer of protection when operating a brush chipper,” said Brian Tunge, ArborMAX Insurance VP, Marketing. “We encourage all of our client companies to be safe by providing ongoing training, proper equipment and now by exploring the benefits of having a ChipSafe device on all their brush chippers.”

ArborMAX Insurance is the only insurance company endorsed by the Tree Care Industry Association. Special considerations, such as the one for using brush chippers with ChipSafe — in addition to factors such as amount, type and value of equipment for general liability or number of employees and pay for worker’s compensation insurance — are examined, along with loss history, when determining policy premiums.

“We are proud that ArborMAX Insurance has recognized the benefits of Morbark’s ChipSafe Operator Safety Shield to help protect tree care workers,” said John Foote, Morbark Senior Vice President. “We believe our ChipSafe device truly takes safety to the next level.”

ChipSafe is a safety option available on all new Morbark Beever Brush Chippers up to 18″ in chipping capacity. A retrofit kit is available for older models.

Consisting of plates mounted directly to the sides of the brush chipper’s infeed chute and used in conjunction with special wrist and ankle or boot straps, the ChipSafe Operator Safety Shield stops the chipper’s feeding mechanism if the operator’s hands or feet enter the defined ChipSafe sensing zone in the infeed chute, protecting the operator from possible injury. The chipper’s feeding mechanism is restarted with a simple swipe of the operator’s ChipSafe wrist strap across a reset box located on the outer side of the infeed chute, so high productivity is maintained.

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