Mississippi-based Yates Construction Celebrating 50 Years

Since 1964, Mississippi-based Yates Construction has built everything from casinos and ballparks to federal courthouses and law schools.


Client satisfaction and providing value are synonymous with the Yates Construction motto,

The commitment to that motto is one of the many reasons the company is celebrating its 50th anniversary. Since 1964, it has built everything from casinos and ballparks to federal courthouses and law schools.

“We develop relationships with our clients and provide them with a job well done,” says William G. Yates, III. “Basically, we measure our success by the number of satisfied customers we have, and we are fortunate that the list is long and distinguished.”

Yates maintains that client relationships are the foundation for their success and that their primary goal is to help each client achieve their vision.

“To all of our clients through the first fifty years, we say thank you for your faith and confidence in Yates. To all of our Yates colleagues, we say thank you for all of your hard work and dedication to our mission.” He continued, “The primary reason that Yates has so many satisfied clients is because of the Yates team. Without the diligent and tireless efforts of so many great people, we would not be celebrating fifty years of successful projects.”

Currently, Yates and its affiliates have locations in Florida, Georgia, Alabama, Louisiana,Mississippi, Oklahoma, Montana, Maine, Tennessee and Texas with international offices in Mexico.

Over the years, projects have earned Yates both national and international recognition. Its portfolio includes projects from various sectors, including arts and culture, civil, commercial, education, entertainment and gaming, federal, healthcare, hospitality, manufacturing,municipal, retail, technology, pulp and paper, process, power and general industrial.

Chairman William G. Yates, Jr. says, “My first goal was for the company to be bigger than me, so that when I am gone, the company would still be here.”

As Yates Construction looks to the future, it is well-positioned and enthusiastic about the next 50 years. With an ongoing commitment to continuous improvement, the new generation of Yates leadership will aspire to reach even greater achievements.

“There is much excitement as we move forward to the next fifty years. Yates’ third generation of leadership has already proven itself, says William G. Yates, Jr. “To continue to grow, we must embrace change. The next generation must be better than the last, and they are.”

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