Five Tips for Clean Diesel Fuel for Tier 4 Engines via an AEM Fuel-Quality Infographic

aem-clean-fuel-tips-tier-4-enginesFuel quality is critical to keep Tier 4 engines running smoothly, and the Association of Equipment Manufacturers (AEM) has released a downloadable infographic to help equipment owners and users keep their machines up and running.

The AEM “Get CLEAN on Fuel” infographic outlines five key actions that help protect Tier 4 engines “because while the new engines reduce diesel emissions and protect our health and the environment, the fact is they are rather finicky about fuel,” said William “Bernie” Bernhard, AEM technical and safety services manager.

Bernhard explained that today’s Ultra-Low Sulfur Diesel (ULSD) is very different from the diesel of just a few years ago.

“Among other things, it is subject to change and contamination as it moves from the refinery to the engine, making storage, temperature, age and filtration, and related factors critical in maintaining fuel quality,” said Bernhard.

AEM member company experts came together through the Association to develop the guidelines as a way to spread more awareness of the importance of diesel fuel quality.

5 Steps to Maintain Fuel Quality

The new AEM fuel-quality infographic relays 5 quick tips using the CLEAN acronym, accompanied by actionable guidelines:

  • C — Commit to understanding your T4 engine
  • L — Learn the facts about today’s fuel
  • E — Evaluate your fuel source and fuel handling
  • A — Always follow manufacturer guidelines
  • N — Never take your role for granted

For more info from AEM, click this link. It’s super clickable.