Hilltip HTrack Tracking System Now Standard on All IceStriker and SprayStriker Models

After introducing the patented HTrack online tracking software to the North American market earlier this year, Hilltip has announced that the premium, patented technology will be standard on all IceStriker and SprayStriker models, including truck, UTV, tractor, and tailgate-mounted units. HTrack allows winter service professionals to track and manage all of their Hilltip equipment via computer, tablet or smartphone. This innovative technology helps minimize environmental impacts, track expenses, document services and more.

The HTrack system uses HillTip’s easy-to-use StrikeSmart controller, which is placed in the cab and connects to IceStriker and SprayStriker products. Through the industry’s only two-way GPRS transmission, users can have remote control over an entire fleet of equipment, create geofenced work sites for client areas with custom application rates and track route data including speed, GPS location, and material used.

HTrack also assists with route optimizations and resource allocations for increased efficiency and profitability. It can create reports of material used for each customer and provide detailed documentation of ice control activities at individual customer locations. Thanks to this unmatched level of automation, drivers can concentrate solely on completing jobs as quickly and safely as possible.

“We’re proud to include some of the most advanced tracking and management tools available on our base model equipment,” said Craig Sandmann, Hilltip’s North American sales/operations manager. “This level of technology is typically reserved for municipal-grade machines, but we believe it will greatly benefit day-to-day operations for all winter professionals. When customers buy Hilltip, they expect the best. We intend to meet and exceed those expectations at every turn.”

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