GSSI Unveils New PaveScan MDM – Essential Tool for QA/QC Labs

GSSI, the world’s leading manufacturer of ground penetrating radar (GPR) equipment, announces the new PaveScan Mix Design Module (MDM), which transform’s GSSI’s industry-leading PaveScan RDM system into a powerful new quality control tool for asphalt density assessment. By helping to avoid premature road failures such as raveling, cracking and deterioration along poorly compacted joints, PaveScan technology builds better quality longer lasting roads.

PaveScan MDM is sensitive to subtle changes in aggregate, mix, and moisture, and can be used to immediately alert paving contractors to inadvertent changes in the aggregate mix. Users can compare daily samples against approved mix designs to detect any deviations and fix problems before the mix is deployed in the field. One five-minute lab test enables users to accurately reveal problems before any need for silo dumps or other costly remediation. PaveScan MDM users can also create a digital library of mix designs.

PaveScan MDM provides a calibration curve that can be used to accurately show density variability within the asphalt mat. Such a precise degree of process control ensures that all bridge decks and longitudinal joints can be rolled properly.

Using PaveScan MDM and RDM gives paving contractors a comprehensive and accurate view into pavement quality without the expense, risk, and errors from spot coring. More importantly, reducing the need to core exposes fewer workers to the dangers of work zones.

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