FleetWatcher Enhances e-Ticketing Module

FleetWatcher e-ticketing enhances efficiency by providing the plant, driver, crew, and the customer the same ticket data at the same time. After initially setting up customers, drivers, and company employees, e-ticketing information can be shared for all future projects without additional effort. This saves the time normally devoted to manually collecting, tracking, and sorting of paper tickets, while reducing worksite hazards since inspectors automatically receive the information needed without dodging trucks while collecting tickets. It eliminates lost tickets, and the headaches and hassles associated with them, while providing an easy-to-use system to share e-tickets with state agencies and others requiring them. Requests for tickets from prior projects are easily and quickly handled regardless of how long ago the project was completed.  FleetWatcher scale ticket integration provides material and tonnage verification, and quickly summarizes tickets for contractor payments. Tickets and summary reports are available via cell phone, allowing immediate access to the information for all applicable personnel, including DOT. It is ideal for state funded pavement projects of all types and sizes.

Each FleetWatcher e-ticket includes project number, plant identifier, date and time, sequential load number, mix, truck identifier, gross and net tons, cumulative loads and cumulative tons. 

FleetWatcher’s E-ticketing capabilities are part of their Materials Management Solution (MMS) which has been tested and approved by numerous state DOTs since 2016.  Scale Ticket Integration is one of their most popular features.  The company has partnered with agencies in dozens of states, providing a turnkey solution to alleviate the challenges and burdens associated with collecting paper tickets.   

Additionally, integrating with scales and programs like OnStation, B2W, Viewpoint and other popular software programs allows data to flow seamlessly wherever needed.