FleetWatcher Anti-Theft Features Thwart Thieves and Locate Stolen Equipment  

FleetWatcher, an industry-leading telematics platform from Earthwave Technologies, includes features to prevent theft and aid in equipment recovery. The GPS technology allows users to see where any piece of equipment is at any given time, while an included proactive Unauthorized Use feature alerts user if equipment is started after hours. With mobile equipment, time is of the essence, and this proactive feature gives users a heads-up that the equipment was started when it shouldn’t have and allows users to alert the police quickly. In addition, a breadcrumb feature shows the machine’s location activity in real-time and every minute if the machine is being towed, and the info is available from a browser or a mobile device. Together, these features can notify users of a theft in process so that the theft can be thwarted or that the equipment can be easily located if the heist is completed.

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