First-of-its-Kind NUCA Membership Drive Delivers NUCA Value to Over 70 New Companies

Joining an industry association to further a company’s overall business interests may seem like an obvious road to success, but sometimes an owner needs an extra nudge to get it done.

Last Thursday the National Utility Contractors Association (NUCA) gave utility construction business owners two great reasons to join the industry’s premier association: invest in your business’s future success and become a vital part of the association’s first-ever National Signing Day.

What resulted was 73 utility industry companies doing just that, marking the association’s largest recorded single-day jump in new memberships!

“NUCA is set for growth, and we’re attracting for new members who want to join in our success. In our industry, it’s beginning to be seen as a poor business decision not to be part of NUCA,” said Doug Carlson, NUCA Chief Executive Officer. “Our Chapters got the word out to their state and regional members, held recruiting events, and signed up new members all day.”

Thursday, May 12th was the day chosen for the big push. Through the work of the many participating NUCA Chapters, their leadership scouted potential companies and asked their existing members who they knew who might make a good NUCA member.

“NUCA has a lot to deliver to a potential new member. We have benefit programs that make it possible for companies to see business cost reductions well in excess of the cost of membership. When you pair traditional business benefits such as healthcare plans for employees and our damage prevention program with a strong network of local Chapters working on local infrastructure issues, industry advocacy, and networking opportunities, it’s clear that every U.S. company involved with utility and excavation construction should be members of NUCA,” said Ryan Kinning, vice president of Penro Construction in Pender, Nebraska, and chairman of NUCA.

Several NUCA chapters held events in conjunction with the national program, including hosting lunches where they welcomed their new members and introduced them to other business owners in their local utility construction industry.

New members were also enticed by the half-price National member dues through the end of 2022 being offered by the association. This membership discount extends to the end of August 2022.

NUCA’s social media platforms provided each hour a running meter of growth progress all day. The association also reposted Chapter social media posts, introducing new member company names to followers on our Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Instagram accounts.

The event generated much industry excitement for the association, promoted the many business benefits enjoyed by NUCA members, and expanded the networking opportunities for the industry and its new members. For more information about NUCA membership and our Chapters, check out


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