Epiroc USA and Montana Tech Professors Collaborate to Donate Equipment to Underground Mining Education Center

Montana Technological University’s Underground Mine Education Center (UMEC) has received a substantial donation in the form of an Epiroc Scooptram ST2D underground loader. This collaboration between Epiroc and dedicated educators marks a significant milestone in bolstering the educational resources available to students at the UMEC.

The Scooptram ST2D, tailored for narrow-vein operations, with a capacity of 3.6 metric tons, represents a cutting-edge addition to the UMEC’s training equipment. This state-of-the-art loader, designed for navigating mining tunnels and efficiently removing material, promises to elevate students’ hands-on learning experiences in underground mining, providing them with practical skills on industry-standard equipment essential for successful careers in mining engineering.

Associate Professor Scott Rosenthal and Adjunct Professor Sonya Rosenthal spearheaded the initiative to procure the Scooptram ST2D for the UMEC. Their commitment to mining education and the future of aspiring professionals in the field led to the realization of this donation, facilitated by Epiroc’s exceptional concessionary pricing arrangement. Assistant Professor Chris Roos, instrumental in identifying this opportunity, recognized the transformative potential of integrating the Scooptram ST2D into the UMEC’s curriculum during his attendance at Yellowstone Dig It Days.


Scott Rosenthal, inaugurating the Scooptram ST2D, highlighted the donation’s significance for the UMEC, stating, “We saw the opportunity to provide a tangible benefit to the students. The introduction of the Scooptram ST2D allows students to gain practical skills on industry-standard equipment, preparing them for successful careers in mining engineering, and we have received great response and profound gratitude from our mining engineering students.”

Equipped with advanced safety features such as seatbelts and tramming alarms, the Scooptram ST2D prioritizes operator well-being and operational efficiency. The Rosenthals, along with Epiroc, envision the machine becoming an integral part of the UMEC’s educational framework.


Jonathan Torpy, President and General Manager of Epiroc USA and Montana Tech alumnus, emphasized the significance of modern equipment in shaping students’ preparedness for the mining industry. “Epiroc USA is proud to have been a part of this extremely generous gift facilitated by Scott and Sonya. Having a modern piece of equipment operating in the Montana Tech UMEC helps the students learn and practice on modern machinery, and it is an important part of preparing highly qualified workforce for the mining industry, for years to come,” stated Torpy.

The Montana Tech mining engineering program provides students with an internationally esteemed education, access to advanced labs and participation in leading research. The UMEC, situated at the former Orphan Boy Mine west of campus, is the nation’s only on-campus underground mining facility. With its comprehensive interdisciplinary approach, the UMEC serves as a hub for hands-on learning and research in mining engineering, geological engineering, environmental engineering, metallurgical engineering, and occupational safety and health.