Danfoss Hosts Construction Industry Leaders for Panel Discussion on Decarbonization

Danfoss North America president Rick Sporrer (left) and construction industry leaders discuss the challenges and opportunities for decarbonizing the construction sector.

As part of its commitment to decarbonization across industry sectors, Danfoss brought together leaders from the construction industry on May 8 in Washington, D.C., for a panel discussion on how the construction industry can utilize current technologies to reduce carbon emissions from machinery. Featuring industry leaders from the Association of Equipment Manufacturers, Associated Builders and Contractors and the D.C. Department of Energy and Environment, the event was moderated by Danfoss North America president Rick Sporrer, who also gave the keynote remarks.

According to the International Energy Agency (IEA), cities account for two-thirds of global energy consumption and more than 70 percent of annual global carbon emissions. Decarbonizing our cities is essential to meeting the goals of the Paris Agreement. Last year, Danfoss released its “Roadmap for Decarbonizing Cities” whitepaper, exploring how available technologies and solutions can decarbonize multiple sectors, such as construction, transportation, commercial buildings and utilities. The goal of the Decarbonizing Cities events is to continue the conversation with Danfoss and industry experts and advocate for a green transition in our cities.

The event, held at the residence of the Danish ambassador to the U.S., Jesper Moller Sorensen, focused on the technologies currently available that can reduce the carbon emissions generated by construction equipment while making the equipment more efficient and lowering operating costs. One such solution is Danfoss’ Digital Displacement pump technology which increases the efficiency and productivity of hydraulic systems, dramatically reducing the energy consumption of excavators. Danfoss has also developed the Dextreme system, which reduces hydraulic system losses, leading to increased productivity and lower fuel consumption.

Jesper Moller Sorensen, Danish ambassador to the U.S. (left) and Rick Sporrer, president of Danfoss North America, discuss decarbonization of the construction sector at Danfoss’ Decarbonizing Cities event.

“The urgency of the climate crisis demands action from every sector, and the construction industry is no exception,” said Sorensen. “From a climate perspective, the significance of the construction industry comes with a critical awareness of its environmental footprint. This is evident by the fact that the construction industry is responsible for 20 percent of global energy related carbon emissions.”

“With construction machinery worldwide emitting 400 metric tons of CO2 annually, decarbonizing heavy-duty construction machines is critical to curb global greenhouse gas emissions,” said Sporrer. “We want to enable our customers to meet their decarbonization goals and we are investing in the technologies that are deployed in other markets.”