Celebrating Women’s History Month with the Award-Winning CONEXPO-CON/AGG Podcast

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Women’s History Month celebrates the contributions women have made in all fields and industries, and the award-winning CONEXPO CON/AGG Podcast highlights some of the women breaking barriers and reshaping the conversation of women in construction.

Amy Underwood, widely recognized as the_digger_girl, spoke with CONEXPO CON/AGG Podcast host Taylor White.  Amy, a single mother of two, discussed topics like her journey within the industry, working against traditional stereotypes in the field, and the unique challenges women face in balancing motherhood and a career. Hailing from Scotland, Underwood spoke on her focus of educating girls on the career opportunities within the industry.

“I honestly think we need to get into schools from a younger age and know that a job in construction is a job opportunity for boys or girls,” said Underwood during the recording.

Underwood encouraged the industry to share its stories with budding professionals from a younger age. She also highlighted how social media has been a positive way to inspire and connect with a younger audience to show them these opportunities.

Just last month, White interviewed another prominent female figure in the construction industry. Katie Kelleher, aka “Katie Cranes,” spoke on her journey to becoming a crane operator and technical development officer. Kelleher’s passion of raising awareness for women in the trades.

“With social media, I just noticed when I googled “crane operator,” it was all men. It was all men. Plasterer, plumber, painter, whatever, all guys. And I thought, “We need to flood images out there, I need to get more images of women doing different things out there.” 

CONEXPO-CON/AGG celebrated Women in Construction Week by spotlighting inspiring stories like these and delving into the unique challenges encountered by women in the industry. Explore those articles and podcasts here.

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