Boost Uptime for HDD Units with the New PowerHouse XD Housing from Ditch

Updated design features optimized fluid flow to keep drill head electronics cooler

This subject is more for our awesome sister pub, Trenchless Technology, but it’s a slow news day, so here we go. Horizontal directional drilling (HDD) operators know that keeping their machines up and running is the key to staying profitable. With the new Ditch Witch PowerHouse XD housing, drillers can be confident that they’ll be able to keep their equipment operating at its maximum efficiency.

“In direct response to customer feedback, the rear lid pin has been removed, which reduces the hardware required on a jobsite and the likelihood of stress fractures in a critical, high-stress area,” said Josh Kennedy, Ditch Witch HDD pipe and tooling product manager. “Instead, the updated housing design only uses a lid pin and retainer pin, leaving no threads to come loose.”

The new HDD tool optimizes fluid flow to ensure spoils are removed properly, and keeps valuable electronics cooler. Having the ability to know exactly where the drill head is during a bore is essential. The PowerHouse XD is a durable and trusted housing designed and manufactured to ensure the beacon does not overheat and lose functionality.

Additionally, the fluid nozzles at the front of the housing have been recessed for greater protection against harsh conditions. This feature increases durability and helps keep the electronics within the housing in good working order.

As an added layer of protection, every Ditch Witch housing comes with an industry-exclusive, Beacon Buddy, which allows additional fluid to flow to cool electronics if they get too hot.

For more info on Ditch Witch, click this link. Thanks up front!

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