BlueTape Launches Buy Now Pay Later to Make Financing for Building Supplies Accessible to All Construction Pros

BlueTape recently announced the launch of its Buy Now Pay Later feature, a financing tool that enables construction professionals to buy their building materials now and pay back over time. As of today, builders and contractors all around the country can start using BlueTape to finance their building supplies invoices and improve their cash flow.

BlueTape partners with building material suppliers to offer their customers a wide range of payment options, including risk-free, flexible financing with simple terms. Their customers can access 30-, 60- or 90-day financing with a fast online process.

Benefits of BlueTape’s Buy Now Pay Later:

  • No risk for building suppliers: Suppliers, dealers, distributors, and manufacturers can offer risk-free competitive financing options to their customers and get paid up front.
  • Better qualification rates for builders: BlueTape’s unique construction industry-specific underwriting offers financing options to underserved small and medium-sized businesses that have limited opportunities to access financial resources.
  • Low fees: With BlueTape, customers can take advantage of a 30-day term and pay 0% in fees.
  • Easy to use: Construction pros can get real-time approval and pay for their invoices with a few clicks on their phone from job sites or wherever it is convenient. There is no need for lengthy paperwork.

Speaking of the benefits of BlueTape’s financing, Yaser Masoudnia, CEO and co-founder of BlueTape, said: “Our team is proud to give the hard-working men and women in the industry tools to help them run their businesses more efficiently and have access to financing to fuel their business when they need it. We started BlueTape with the goal of helping all small and medium-sized businesses in the industry. With the Buy Now Pay Later launch, we are able to help business owners who might not have easy access to traditional financing options have an opportunity to succeed.”

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