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A bright new year awaits us. What could go wrong? I kid, but when it comes to your equipment fleet and the health of your business, we are here to help when things go wrong and you need advice. Compact Equipment is one of the top off-highway equipment trade magazines in the world, and it’s available on a plethora of platforms (print, web, digital mag, e-news and via social portals). This print format that you’re holding right now is one of our most celebrated, earning six editorial and design awards over the last three years, and we need your support to keep it going. So, do me a solid and jump over to to renew for 10 more issues in 2021. It’s hard to beat the price, which is free.

Producing print magazines is a challenging endeavor in today’s publishing world, which is why we need qualified contractors like you to support the award-winning editorial we create for free. Our machine heads (read: editors) operate, analyze and spend every day writing about off-highway equipment such as skid steers, mini excavators, utility vehicles, telehandlers and basically any diesel-powered construction machine (some landscape and ag too) that can be hauled on a trailer without a CDL. We dissect market trends, explain complex OEM systems, visit manufacturing facilities and tradeshows and dispense our insights to contractors, machine operators, fleet managers, rental houses, municipalities and even the manufacturers themselves.

On any given day, stories from Compact Equipment outlets range from how do you buy a budget-minded utility tractor to a deep dive on off-highway diesel engine downsizing. Editors travel the globe to visit machine makers like Caterpillar and Kubota, researching new machines, regulations, technologies and trends. Beyond the complete machine, our writers detail attachments and implements, OEM systems from engines to tires, vocational trucks, hand tools and business and tech issues that range from telematics to grade control systems.

Covering the fastest growing segment of construction machinery, Compact Equipment’s print magazine features the best of our technical content that tradesmen and women can find nowhere else. Ensure you have access to that. Visit to renew for 10 free issues in 2021. You’ll be doing me a personal favor.

Keith Gribbins is publisher of Compact Equipment.


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